7 Weird Studies On Masturbation That Will Surprise You

If you have ever masturbated before, it is possible that, upon doing so (or, rather, upon finishing) you felt a little guilty. Masturbation is something that isn’t really talked about that much, particularly when it comes to girls, so it’s easy to feel a sense of shame and isolation if you think that you’re the only one masturbating. But this, quite frankly, is some BS. As I have noted many times before, and will likely note again before my time on this earth has run out, girls can get horny! And, because of this, girls can masturbate. It’s not the end of the world.

So, rest easy–if you masturbate, you are far from being the only girl in the world who does it! And, statistically, you’re definitely not the only one with some, ah, weird masturbation habits, either. Learning some masturbation facts will probably make ti seem a little more normal for you. So, check out these masturbation studies that will probably surprise you a little bit:


People Perceive Masturbation As Something That Implies That You're Sexually Active

Despite anything you've heard about masturbation being a substitute for sex for people who can't get any, the opposite tends to be true--masturbation is something that tends to mean that someone is getting some action. For girls, masturbation is linked to higher odds of oral sex, partnered masturbation, and both vaginal and anal intercourse. For boys, masturbation is connected to higher odds of oral sex and vaginal intercourse. Obviously, this doesn't mean that you have to be having sex if you're masturbating--plenty of people who don't have sex or hook up with people masturbate. Still, it's interesting to know about!

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Boys Admit To Masturbating More Than Girls

Here is some information that, if you are at all familiar with teenage boys, won't actually surprise you that much--according to a nationwide study on teen masturbation that was conducted in 2011, teen boys admit to masturbating much more than girls do. To be exact, about 75 percent of guys admit to ever having masturbated, while slightly less than half of girls admit to the same thing. You shouldn't take this as a cause for alarm if you regularly masturbate, however--even if this just under 50 percent of girls in the United States is not an insignificant amount of people. So, female masturbation is still a common, normal thing.

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Masturbation Increases With Age

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the rate at which both guys and girls masturbate increases as they get older. For girls between age 14-17, the percentage of girls who masturbate rose from 43 percent to 58 percent. For guys of the same age, the number increased from 63 to 80 percent.

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Men's And Women's Masturbation Habits Aren't That Different 

As a teen, the masturbation habits of men and women tend to differ. But, according to a study published in The Journal of Sex Research in 2016, these differences grow less distinct as time goes on. The study surveyed 1,452 men and 1,566 women between the ages of 18 and 22 and found that the majority of men and women have masturbated (98.9 percent of men and 85.5 percent of women, respectively). The age at which people started to masturbate was pretty similar between men and women too, with men starting around 12.5 and women starting at age 13.7 on average.

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Teens Who Masturbate Are More Likely To Have Safe Sex 

In addition to increasing the odds of having sex in general, masturbation tends to increase the odds of engaging in safe sex--guys who masturbate are more likely to use a condom. For whatever reason, this isn't reflected in girls (there didn't seem to be any correlation between masturbation and safe sex for girls), but hopefully this will help equalize contraceptive use for both girls and guys over time.

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Some Men Use Vibrators To Masturbate 

Vibrators are typically perceived as a vagina-only masturbation tool. But, according to a number of studies, this is very much not the case. Research on men's sex toy use is limited, but the studies that have been done are pretty interesting. One U.S. study found that 16.6 percent of men have used a vibrator while masturbating, and 44.8 percent of men have used a vibrator (either solo or with a partner) at some point in their lifetime.

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Masturbating Can Help Stop Period Cramps

Some good news! If you suffer from period cramps (as many of us do) there's a pretty easy way to deal with them--you just need to masturbate. Seriously.  Some studies have found that masturbating can increase one's pain threshold, which makes pain significantly easier to deal with.

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Were you surprised by any of these studies? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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