Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Vagina?

If you are someone with a vagina, then congrats! You have been ~blessed~ with one of the most complicated and frustrating body parts known to (wo)man. Yes, of course, vaginas are important and everything, but they also have a lot going on, and it can be hard to keep track of it all. And you don’t really learn this stuff in school, which makes it even harder to get to know your body. I know you think you’re a vagina expert, but there might be a lot more things going on down there than you realize.


Luckily, you are still young, which means you have a lot to learn and time to do so. But, it’s important to learn all about your vagina, so that you can not only keep it healthy, but also keep it safe and avoid any nasty UTIs or other infections. Vaginas are important, but they also require a lot of knowledge, and it’s time for you to test out exactly how well of a vagina expert you are. Are you ready for the challenge? Take this quiz and find out!


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