7 New TV Spinoff Shows For 2017 You Need To Watch

If case you haven’t noticed, spinoffs and reboots are kind of having a moment right now. Maybe it’s because TV writers are having issues coming up with new ideas, or maybe it’s because we are more likely to watch a new show if it has some sort of familiarity to it. Whatever the reason is, there are a ton of new shows based on other shows in the works, and some of them are pretty exciting.

Obviously, spinoffs have been around forever, and a lot of the time, they suck. But these new ones look pretty decent, and might just be your new favorite TV show. I, for one, am VERY excited at the idea of a brand-new look at Sabrina the teenage witch (a upcoming spinoff of Riverdale), which should be heading to our TV screens soon. If you are looking for some new shows to get excited about, check out these popular TV shows that are (reportedly) getting spinoffs soon.

Pretty Little Liars Spinoff

Even though it JUST ended, people don't want to give up on PLL just yet. Freeform just announced a new series called The Perfectionist which will star Allison and Mona from Pretty Little Liars. We know nothing else about the show, but I'm sure it will be spooky AF and all of the characters will have great clothes.

Riverdale Spinoff

The second season of Riverdale hasn't even aired yet, but the creators are already making plans to work on a spin off - this time starring Sabrina. Yes, that Sabrina, the famous teenage witch with great hair and a talking cat. I don't know about you but I am excited to see this new, darker side of her.

Game Of Thrones Spinoff

I thought I would have to write about just one GOT spinoff, but I didn't realize that there would be four (FOUR) Game Of Throne's-inspired shows in the works, each focusing on individual families in the GOT universe.They probably won't be made for a few years, but I'm sure we aren't seeing the end of this universe any time soon.

Blackish Spinoff

I don't know about you, but I'm super excited for Grown-ish, since it looks super fun and cute, and Yara Shahidi is a literal angel who is actually going to college IRL right now, which makes the show much more realistic. It follows her character as she goes off to college and experiences "real life." This will be a perfect show for anyone who is heading off to college in the next few years.

Grey's Anatomy Spinoff

Grey's is entering its 14th season this year, but there is a new Seattle-based show that exists in Meredith Grey's universe. The show is unnamed right now, but is expected to air early next year and focus on a group of firefighters.It will also, most likely, be the most dramatic show on TV. I can't wait.

The Goldberg's Spinoff

The Goldberg's is a family TV show that takes place in the '80s. Supposedly, a spinoff is in the works that will take place in the '90s and follow a single mother trying to raise her kids in that era. There are few other details released, but I hope it includes some classic '90s toys like Tamagachis and Furbies.

Marvel's Inhumans

It seems like Marvel is REALLY trying to push their superhero shows on everyone these days, and their newest show is sort of a spinoff but also just a deeper look at the Marvel universe. It follows a group of superheros as they, you know, save the world.

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