15 DIY Cartoon Costumes You And Your BFF Should Rock This Year

Before I get into this, I feel that I must confess something to all of you: I might not be a good person. I have tried to “win” every yoga class I have ever attended. If someone is walking at a slightly fast clip in the street, I try to walk a little faster than them, just to prove that I can. And, needless to say, every casual trivia trivia night I have ever attended has been a disaster.

My point here is that I know what it is like to feel constantly and rabidly competitive about things that, in the long run, do not even matter at all. If you are the same way, and have been spending a lot of time thinking about how you would like to “win” Halloween this year, allow me to suggest an option for you: A matching cartoon-inspired costume with your best friend.

Both matching and nostalgia tend to be perennial crowd-pleasers around Halloween, so wearing a matching costume with your BFF will successfully ping all of the youthful memories of your peers and give you an additional cutesy factor that is appropriate only around Halloween. Basically, you’ll probably have the best costume out of everyone, no matter where you go.  So, check out these cute cartoon-inspired Halloween costumes that you and your BFF need to rock this year:

Sully And Mike Wazowski

As someone whose life has been positively impacted by Mike Wazowski more times than I can count, this costume is one that I feel I must share! Plus, it looks super comfy.

Image Source

Sully And Boo

Or, if Mike Wazowski has NOT positively impacted your life, you can always go as Sully and Boo.

Image Source

Alvin And The Chipmunks

Simon, Alvin, and Theodore, to be exact.

Image Source

Velma And Daphne

This Velma and Daphne (you know, from "Scooby Doo") costume is...next level. Grab your BFF and try to recreate it!

Image Source

Cat Dog

As far as nostalgia goes, it doesn't get much better than this Cat Dog costume. All you need to create it is a big t-shirt, fabric paint, and paper to make a sign. And, of course, your choice of a dog or cat as your partner.

Image Source

Flora, Fauna, And Mayweather

Another good cartoon-inspired idea is going as the fairy godmothers--AKA Flora, Fauna, and Mayweather--from "Sleeping Beauty." And, as you can see here, going as the fairy godmothers doesn't mean getting dowdy. You can be cute with this!

Image Source

Tweedledee And Tweedledum

This is me! (And my best friend Lisa!) if you and your best friend are serious about showing that you are best friends, you should try out a Tweedledee and Tweedledum look--like, is there any other pair of BFFS who will ever be more iconic? No!!!

Image Source

Group Alice In Wonderland Costume

You can also go for a larger, more ~conceptual~ "Alice in Wonderland costume like the one here. All you need are tutus, crop tops, and embellishments.

Image Source

Mario and Luigi

It's-a me! Mario and Luigi! Or, to be exact, it's-a you. Or it can be. Whatever! Just wear this costume! If you want.

Image Source

Minnie Mouse And Daisy Duck

This is so cute! Plus, you can make either costume with things you probably already have in your closet.

Image Source

Snow White's Seven Dwarves

Perhaps you have...many best friends. Good for you! If that is the case, you obviously need to go as the Seven Dwarves from "Snow White."

Image Source

Spongebob And Patrick

What would a best friend costume even be without the influence of Spongebob and Patrick? Nothing!

Image Source

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These TMNT costumes are pretty amazing and easy to adapt based on what you have in your closet--all you really need is lots of green, the turtle shell abs, and a bandanna.

Image Source

Woody And Buzz Lightyear

The details on both of these costumes are impeccable, but what really sells it is the "ANDY" written on both of their shoes. So, if you decide to try this costume, make sure you do that too!

Image Source

Winnie The Pooh

These Winnie the Pooh costumes are sweet and wholesome. Much, I am assuming, like you.

Image Source

What do you think about these costumes? Would you ever try any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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