19 Semi-Formal And Homecoming Updos You Will Want To Copy

Don’t let thoughts of decorating your DIY Halloween costume distract you from the fact that it’s also the season of semi-formal dances and homecoming. There aren’t that many things to look forward to with school, so when there is something like a school dance, it’s time we embrace it.

You might already be planning what dress you’re going to wear, and you might have any idea about your homecoming makeup look, but have you thought about your hair? You do not want to be the girl running around in a panic on the day of the dance trying to curl random pieces of hair and shoving bobby pins in anywhere they could go.

If you’re debating about getting your hair done at the salon, you should still have some idea of what you want. Otherwise you’re at the risk of your hairdresser making you look like a contestant on Toddlers & Tiaras. You never know. Maybe looking at the hairstyle ideas below will help you realize that you can do your hair yourself or get your friend/sis to help you. Then you can put the money you saved towards your dress. Scroll down to see 19 pretty homecoming updos that you will want to wear now and to every other school dance.

1. Simple Twist Updo



They had me at “simple updo.” When simple looks this pretty, why would you even want to bother with anything complicated? Exactly.


2. Braided Side Buns Updo



This is one of those amazing hairstyles that looks good from all angles. You might not be able to see all the sides, but others can.


3. Skinny Braided Bun



Braid plus bun equals fabulous. Just see this look for proof. I love the braids at the sides of the head.


4. Side Braid and Low Bun



Grab that bun ring of yours because it’s what makes this low bun. If you don’t have one, you can always try using a *clean* sock.


5. Retro Updo Fishtail



This probably isn’t like the fishtail that you were expecting. That’s part of the appeal of this cool look.


6. Twisted Ponytail



Can we hear it for the ponytail? They might call this “sleek vixen hair,” but I like to call it must-try ponytail.


7. Headband Updo



A headband adds a lil’ extra something special to an updo. Plus, it can actually be used to help form the hairstyle. Clever.


8. Two-Strand Twist-Up



I love the look of this hairstyle as much as I love saying “two-strand twist-up.”


9. Wispy Braid and Low Bun



There are a few different steps in this look, but none of them are that complicated. You can create a braid and a low bun, can’t you?


10. Two-Strand Flat Twist



Been there done the braid? Well, it’s time you experiment with some twists.


11. Braided Chignon



You really cannot go wrong with a braided chignon. Fact. It doesn’t matter how many braids you have or the way you twist it.


12. Reverse Braided Bun



You’ll probably need to get someone to help you do the braid on the back of your head, but you can do the rest of the lewk.


13. Milkmaid Braid



The milkmaid braid is one of the easier options, but it looks no less cute. It will also frame that pretty face of yours.


14. Easy Chignon



Yes, homecoming updos can be simple. This chignon is something that you can realistically do in less than 10 minutes. I swear.


15. Voluminous Ponytail



Remember what I said about upgrading your ponytail? Adding some volume is one easy way to do it. Look at that swishy tail.


16. Braided Updo for Short Hair



Do you have short hair? You don’t have to leave your locks down. You can still create a cool braided updo.


17. Multi-Halo Braid  



One halo braid is awesome, but why stop there? This reminds of me Princess Leia’s other hairstyle besides the double buns.


18. Wavy Updo



When you curl your hair, you really don’t need to do too much to it. It’s all a matter of loosely pinning it so you can show off the shape of the curls.


19. Twisted Updo



Forget braids. It’s all about the twists with this look. Make sure you stick a lot of bobby pins in your mane to keep everything in place. And don’t forget the shiny headband.


Do you normally wear your hair up to homecoming and dances? Let us know in the comments!

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