9 Things Guys Will Never Understand About A Girl’s Body

No offense, but men can be… dumb. Sure, they are important to society and they are smart in their own way! But when it comes to female anatomy, most of them just don’t get it. I don’t blame them, since they don’t grow up living with these bodies, so they just don’t get it. But, it would be nice if they didn’t try to mansplain every single thing about vaginas and periods, right? Alas, they still do.

I know there are some guys who understand that they don’t know what it’s like to be a woman, but there are a few men who think they know everything about women’s bodies, even though they don’t, and those select few have been called out on a recent Reddit thread. User bustedhypothesis asked “What’s your best/funniest story of a man not understanding something about the female body?” and I have been dying laughing at this entire thread, so I NEEDED to share it with you. Sure, it’s funny, but it’s also weird that some guys are so clueless about the female anatomy and what we go through. So, if you want a laugh, take a look at these things that confuse men to no end.

Getting A Period

Let's be real, guys just don't understand periods. Akadash said, "My ex boyfriend from high school was asking me about my period. They were pretty basic questions and I was happy to explain the answers. Then he hit me with 'so how big is the egg?' He was completely serious." I'm sorry, this made me laugh out loud. Do guys think people with periods lay eggs?

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Vanowl said, "My friend thought that bras had padding to soak up milk from the boobs. like all women lactate when they finish puberty and that's why bras are needed" LOL, I'm sorry, this is so wild. I think this kid was just very misinformed, because I truly hope people don't really believe this.

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How Vaginas Work

This is a common and terrible misconception about vaginas, unfortunately, that "stretchy" vaginas" means "slutty." Ugh. Ohsojm said, "My 40 something year old husband with a MBA mentioned about a past girlfriend who must have been slutty before him since she had a loose vagina. We had to have a serious discussion about anatomy. I hate that he had that conception about her over something she can't control."

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Basic Female Anatomy

This is also something that guys often get confused about, which is weird. Antisocialdiggle said, "When my husband and I were dating we were just done with sex when I mentioned having to pee to avoid a UTI. He was confused how that could even happen. Eventually it came out that the confusion was because he wasn't aware girls had three holes. I ended up showing him because he didn't believe me. I was laughing so hard because I thought guys not knowing that was one of those urban legend jokes."

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Where A Vagina Is

Kelefoot said, "This immediately made me think of the episode of Project Runway when Blake has to design underwear and he has no idea where the vagina is. At one point it comes out, that his best guess is that it's about 6 inches below the belly button. His whole piece is tragic, poor guy." This is a mess, and I sort of feel bad for this guy.

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What Tampons Do

Why are guys SO confused about tampons?! Ourchoicesmakeup said, "I had to pee really badly in a drive in movie with my ex, and he was like 'aren't you on your period? Doesn't the tampon just hold it in? Or couldn't it absorb it?' I ruined the movie experience for everyone by laughing my ass of and then explained that I pee from a different hole."

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The Point Of Lube

Listen, everyone should be using lube! It doesn't mean you are too "dry" it means that you want to feel good. As DearZelly said, "One of my first boyfriends thought if you had to use lube for sex that it meant you weren't "made for each other" and shouldn't be having sex. We were both 16 year old virgins and didn't plan on doing the do, but it's funny to think back on now."

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Anything About Hair

Subaru17 said, "Kind of. I had a friend who thought hair was naturally straight or curly. Like if I curled my hair, it was naturally like that. Or if it was straightened by a flat iron, that a woman just brushed it that way. He had no idea what curlers, irons, and blow dryers were." Guys tend to get confused and tune out when it comes to hair, since all they have to do is wake up and head out the door. They barely ever style their hair!

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Having A Baby

Punchyourfacein said, "When I was young teen I had a neighborhood boy try to convince me that if a woman couldn't give birth from her vagina the doctor would have her give birth from her ass." I'm sorry...what? Do boys...think that babies....come out of butts? I can't.

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