18 DIY Junk Food Costumes For The Girl Who Loves Fast Food

If you’re currently reading this while sipping a Starbucks Frappuccino (and crying that it’s not the unicorn one), or you’re salivating about a McDonald’s cheeseburger, no pickle, it’s safe to say that you’re probably a fast food lover.

Welcome to the club. It’s certainly not a bad club to be in. It’s certainly more exciting that waxing poetic about the different kinds of kale leaves, isn’t it? While eating your fave junk food is one of the easiest (and most delicious) ways to indulge in your love of fast food, you can also do it in other less expected ways. One fun way to do it is at Halloween.

Starbucks, burgers, tacos, lollipops, Dairy Queen. There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to fast food Halloween costumes. You’re really only limited by your creativity and whether you want to give up a few fast food runs to make your costumes. Ready for some inspiration and to get a little hungry? Scroll through the gallery to see the coolest DIY junk food costumes you can rock this Halloween.

French Fries

Do you want fries with that? Sorry, I had to. French fry fiends know that fries aren't just a side dish. They're as good as the main. This cute DIY fry costume is a tribute to those delicious crispy potatoes. If you rock it, make sure you wear the coordinating yellow shoes.

Source: Studio DIY


This Oreo concept is a springboard for so many ideas. Rock it as a couples costume or go solo. You can also get experimental and try all of the different Oreo flavors. Who's up for mint or pumpkin spice? Or, you can even grab all of your friends and make it a group costume showcasing all of the different types of Oreos.

Source: Halloween Fun

Taco Belle

Dude, it's a Taco Belle costume. Get it? If you cannot resist a pun-tastic costume, this is yours. It gets the junk food in there, and it gives you an opportunity to walk around holding a *Taco Bae* sign. And just look at that dress...

Source: Fancy Made

Chipotle Burritos

These Chipotle Burrito costumes slay. This is actually a very simple DIY, too. Fashion a *corset belt* out of some tin foil then shove some pale green tissue paper in a beige tank top. Don't forget to label a hat with your favorite condiment. Who else wants to be guacamole?

Source: Pinterest

Dozen Doughnuts

One doughnut is great, but a dozen? Now, you're talking. Gluing 12 real doughnuts to a box and wearing it around on Halloween might sound tempting, but it will lose its appeal after five minutes when you and others realize you cannot eat the doughnuts. Therefore, this costume is a much better alternative.

Source: The Merry Thought

In N Out Burger

This cheeseburger dress is downright adorable. Just look at the little appliques that mimic the sesame seeds on the bun. Then you have the *tomato,* *lettuce,* *cheese,* and, erm, *meat* belt. This is so cute that you will want to wear it when it isn't Halloween. I know I would wear it 24/7/365.

Source: Rae of Sparkles

Starbucks Frappuccino

Don't forget about your favorite fast food drinks when you're dreaming up a junk food Halloween costume. Might I suggest these cute Starbucks Frappuccino costumes? I'm all about the fuzzy hats and how a Starbucks-branded DIY belt can transform a LWD.

Source: Pinterest


Who's up for a slice of pizza? I'm used to normally describing pizza as delicious, but here it's so cute. Can we also discuss that Hidden Valley Ranch bag? That is bordering on genius. It doesn't matter whether there is actual Hidden Valley Ranch inside there or not.

Source: Instagram/Mawlsss


Just when you think you've seen all of the adorable Halloween junk food costumes, out comes another one. And another one. Who would have thought that crumpling up balls of fabric or paper and spraying them with a bit of yellow could produce such realistic *and delicious* looking popcorn?

Source: Stile


Do we have any Wendy's fans in the house? Grab yourself a Frosty and get working on this costume. The actual Wendy look is amaze, but the clever way she has incorporated the Burger King earns all the points. Note the placement of the fork. #Slay

Source: That's Nerdalicious

Dairy Queen

Just because ice cream season is over doesn't mean you cannot be a Dairy Queen on Halloween. She is the Queen B...or make that D...with her ice cream cone crown and that sweet sprinkle dress.

Source: Pinterest

Creepy Ronald McDonald

Do you still want to have a bit of blood, guts, and gore in your fast food Halloween costume? Try this freaky Ronald McDonald costume. Warning: After seeing this, you might never look at the Ronald McDonald at your local McDonalds the same way again.

Source: Newspaper Cat

KFC Chicken

Some people might want to dress up like Colonel Sanders while others not so much. If you want to celebrate your love of chicken on Halloween but you don't feel like sporting a white, bushy mustache, be a chicken. Then you can get bae or a friend to be the Colonel. You'll look finger lickin' good. Sorry, not sorry.

Source: Pinterest

McDonald's Fries

I'm a bit obsessed with this because it's so simple but so clever. All you're really doing is jazzing up a red T-shirt with an "M" applique and fashioning a headpiece to look like fries. It could realistically be done in a day, but it will get you all the likes.

Source: Pastel N Pink

Hot Dog

Just when you're admiring what an adorable costume this is, you realize that there is an actual dog in the box. Even if you cannot find a wiener dog for your lewk, you can still make it work with the other type of hot dogs. It's your choice if you want to use real buns and hot dogs or whether you want to craft them from paper or putty.

Source: Pinterest

Easy Mac Cup and a Fork

Turn your hero college dinner into a fun couple costume. One of you can be the Easy Mac Cup and the other one can be the fork. Or, maybe you're the type of person who eats their Easy Mac with a spoon, so adjust the second costume accordingly. You can even get a third person involved to be the ketchup if you like to take your cheesy cup up a notch.

Source: Instagram/Caddy_Corner

Taco Bell Sauces

People might be divided on the hard versus soft shell debate, but all Taco Bell fans know that the sauces really take the tacos over the top. Whether you're into a mild sauce or you like the heat you get from the fire one, you can use your fave sauce as inspiration for a DIY fast food costume. It's as easy as repurposing a strapless dress.

Source: Wishi

Mars Bar

Whether you love a Mars Bar, a Bounty Bar, or a Dairy Milk, you can take the basic idea of this costume and turn it into something fabulous. Then you have full permission to go trick-or-treating and demand people give you that chocolate bar.

Source: Pinterest

Have you ever rocked a junk food costume on Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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