18 Easy Headband Hairstyles That Will Be Popular This Fall

Hair accessory lovers, rejoice: headbands are back for fall and winter 2017. Remember when Gossip Girl came out ten years ago, and we all wanted to copy Blair Waldorf’s preppy-perfect style so badly that we all started wearing headbands like her? Consider this season and next to be kind of a flashback to that. Headbands are one of the bigger beauty trends to look out for this year, and I, for one, am thrilled about it. Not only are they versatile and fun, but headbands are also a lifesaver when your hair looks boring and you need to give it a little bit of style without doing much.

When it comes to wearing headbands, you can obviously just pick one out, put it in your hair, push it back, and go about your day. Easy, fast, effective! But that can get boring after a while, so it’s nice to know some hairstyles that work perfectly with this accessory. Headbands can dress up buns and ponytails, they can make braids more interesting, and they can make messy styles look fancier. Here are a few easy headband hairstyles you’re going to want to wear all season long:

1. Tuck and Cover French Braid



One subtle way to wear a headband is to use it as a kind of a prop in another hairstyle. This look is really pretty – the French braid covers most of the headband, but it peaks out on one side.


2. Half Up Look



Make a half up/half down look a little more interesting by adding a headband. A wide one one looks good, but even a thin, sparkly headband would look really cool.


3. Messy Bun



A thin headband can make a messy bun immediately look more chic. Tease your hair so that it’s a little poofy, then pull it into a loose, messy bun, then slip your headband on. Pull at the roots to make sure it isn’t too flat so that it has a more mussed up look.


4. Twisted Headband



Use an embellished headband to make this twisted look more elegant – it’s a fun way to accessorize a classic style.


5. Grecian Hair



Start with a ponytail, leaving the front sections of hair out. Twist them up and use pins to create a super messy look. A headband is the perfect way to make it look more put together.


6. Headband Halo



This twisted headband look is easy and really pretty – just wrap your hair around the back band, letting the front stand out.


7. Embellished Bun



Buy a headband that has one standout embellishment – like this flowery design – and wrap it around your bun for an elegant style.


8. Side Braid



You can use a thin, sparkly headband to accent any other hairstyle – it looks really pretty with a loose side braid.


9. Messy Top Knot



Running around with dirty hair? Throw it in a super messy top knot, then slip a wide, turban-style headband on. It hides greasy roots and takes about five seconds.


10. Tuck and Cover Fishtail Braids



You could crap loose hair around the back of a wide headband, but if you want to do something a little more interesting, try this style. You’ll do a few loose fishtail braids, then wrap them around the back of a headband. It turns into a style that looks really elaborate but isn’t very difficult.


11. Curly Hair Updo



Tame wild curls with a tight band headband around your head – it looks great with a bun or messy ponytail.


12. Banded Chignon 



If you want to do an easy updo, try wrapping hair around the back of an embellished headband like this one.


13. Bandana Headband



Make your own headband by wrapping a small bandana around your head and tying it at the top. It has a really cute retro vibe and looks especially great when your hair is pulled back into a bun or ponytail.


14. Wrap and Tuck



Grab a super wide fabric headband, and wrap your hair around it for a loose, messy style that’s perfect for a day where you’re running around and don’t want to be bothered.


15. Scarf Headband



A silk scarf makes a great DIY headband – wrap it around your head and tie it at the top. It looks really cute with loose curls.


16. One Minute Bandana Hairstyle



Turn your bandana into a headband and tie it on the side for a look that is slightly less retro, but still adorable.


17. Boho Updo 



This simple hairstyle is perfect if you’re going out, and has a nice vintage vibe to it.


18. Quick Bun



Make any bun look more put together with a wide black headband – it’s also great for keeping loose pieces in place.


Which one of these hairstyles is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Share in the comments!

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