8 Disadvantages Girls Have That No One Wants To Talk About

It should come as a surprise to exactly no one to say that, for the most part, girls and women tend to be at a disadvantage in most parts of society. It could be the sexist dress codes that most girls have to deal with at work or school, the unspoken expectation that all girls must wear makeup but, like, only a natural amount of makeup, or, if you are a heterosexual girl, the requirement to talk to human boys. Either way, being a girl or woman is, um, hard.


This is why I felt a deep and spiritual personal connection with this Reddit thread I found today on things that are sexually biased, but people, for whatever reason, don’t talk about. These, basically, sum up the small, insidious societal prejudices against women that shape your life in ways that you might not notice without someone pointing it out to you. So, check out these small–but important–biases people tend to have against girls that no one really talks about:

What do you think of these biases? Have you ever experienced any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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