12 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes To Wear Based On Your Sign

As far as my own astrological sign goes, I definitely identify as a Virgo. I tend to be super shy until I get to know people, but then when I do get to know people, I can get weird. But that’s fine! Signs are really telling of our own individual personalities. And a lot of people take pride in their sign! I know I am definitely ~proud~ to be a Virgo, since it’s pretty indicative of who I am, so I love to celebrate it. I’d love to wear a Virgo costume every day, but, obviously, that would be weird. That’s why Halloween is so great – it’s the perfect time of year to show off your sign with a creative costume.

I know that Halloween is supposed to be about being something new and different, like dressing up as someone you could never be IRL… but why not just play up your best and most defining qualities? It can be really fun to use your sign as inspiration for an awesome costume. Plus, the makeup is fantastic. I, for one, am thinking of being a fairy this year after writing this. If you are struggling to find what you want to be this year, then take a look at what you should be, based on your zodiac sign.


An intense smoky eye and some horns are all you need to this bull-like look, which is the symbol of a Taurus. Bonus points if you can get a real (or fake!) septum piercing.



Geminis are represented by twins, which means that they have two very different and specific personalities. So, having "two" different costumes or makeup looks is a pretty good idea for a Gemini costume. It's pretty intense, but would be cool if you wore a dress on one half of your body, and pants on the other or something.



Cancers are represented by crabs, which makes a crab costume a pretty good idea if you want to embrace your Cancer-ness. Sure, it's silly, but you are a Cancer, so you don't care what others think.



A Leo is, obviously, a fierce but cool lion, which would make a great halloween costume idea. Wear a fur vest and some space bun "ears" for a cute and easy look.



Virgos are often considered shy and tame, but represent life and fertility. Of course, that's hard to make a costume out of, so some sort of fairy creature will do! They are ~pure~ and helpful, just like Virgos. Try a flower crown and a fancy dress for this look.



Libras are all about justice and maintaining balance, which means that a perfect Libra costume is anything to do with balance and scales. So, you could be a judge of some sort, but that's kind of boring, so try this cool makeup look instead.



Scorpio is (obviciously) represented by a scorpion, though that would be a bit of a hard costume to pull off. If you want to try, go for a scorpion-inspired hairstyle that acts is a "stinger." Make a braid and add a LOT of hairspray!



The symbol of Sag girls is a bow and arrow, which can be a pretty bad ass costume, IMO. You can go for a Merida look, or just create your own archery look. Either way, you'll look like a warrior.



Capricorns are represented by goats, which have very specific and cool antlers that would make a pretty awesome costume! Just add some goat antlers for a unique Capricorn-inspired costume.



Aquarius girls are basically just water-goddesses, AKA mermaids. Channel your inner mermaid this Halloween if you want to show off your Aquiarius side!



Okay, Pisces girls are also aquatic, but more fish-like. Sure, you could be a mermaid, or you can be a glittery fish. You do you!



An Aries is represented by a ram, since they RUN into your life, mess sh*t up, then run out. JK, but a ram costume is your best bet here if you want to channel your inner Aries.


Are you going to try any of these costumes this year? Tell us in the comments!

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