16 Of The Best “Not Like Other Girls” Parodies You’ll Ever See

If you are a human girl who lives in the world, chances are good that, at some point or another, you have felt that you are different from the other girls you meet. This is fair! No one is exactly like other people 100% of the time, so, on a technical level, every single one of us is, indeed, not like other girls.

But there is a difference between not being like other girls (as all of us are, to some extent!) and being Not Like Other Girls™. The latter is something that, in recent-ish years, has become a rallying cry for a good number of people who feel that certain aspects of their personality and interests–including, but not limited to, liking pizza, wearing sweatpants, and playing video games–make them wholly different from every single other girl on the planet. Which is not true! So, check out the best Not Like Other Girls parodies you’ll ever see right here:

1. Yep!


2. Stay safe out there:

3. Important!!!


4. Me as hell:

5. This one has…many layers:

6. Welp:


7. This one is relatable, tbh:

8. Same!

9. Hooty hoo:

10. Important to remember!
11. Yes!


12. EXTREMELY relatable:

13. Nice:

14. Nicer!

15. Ah, yes:


16. Anyway, the point here is that girls…are good. Embrace it!

What do you think of these parodies? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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