7 Fall Accessories That Will Keep You Cozy All Season Long

Despite today’s abnormally hot weather (it’s 87 degrees in NYC, can you BELIEVE THAT?), fall is technically here. That means that the days will get shorter, darker, and colder, at some point, at least. I, for one, hate being cold and uncomfortable, so I do my best to remain cozy and comfy all fall long. At the same time, I still want to be fashionable, of course! Yes, Uggs are super warm and nice, but they are not very cute? They are not. Sorry. We must retire the Uggs. It’s time! There are other ways to remain cozy and cute this season, though.

You don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style to stay warm in the frigid temps. I don’t know about you, but once November rolls around, all I want to do is stay in bed wrapped in a blanket burrito. Unfortunately, I have “things” that need to get “done,” so the next best thing is to dress cozy AF until spring rolls around. I’m sure you’re in a similar situation, TBH, so I wanted to give you a little bit of advice on how to stay cute and comfy. If you need some help, here are fall accessories that will help keep you super cozy. 

Knee High Socks

Not only are they a fall staple, but they are also cute and warm as heck. They make any outfit look more appropriate for fall, and are great to wear under tall boots, or over tights for an extra layer of warmth. Knee high socks keep you looking chic and also help you warm. Win-win!

Bloomingdale's, $8.50

Shearling Jacket

These jackets are game-changers. I know being cold sucks, but shearling jackets are literally just clouds you can wrap around yourself. Pair it with a flannel for a cute and cozy look this fall.

ASOS, $88.50

Giant Scarf

Thank goodness these giant scarves are in, because it's basically like wearing a giant blanket in the name of fashion. Add one to any outfit for a cute and comfy look that's very on-trend.

ASOS , $48

Fleece Tights

Fleece tights are a must-have as we transition to colder weather, since you might still want to wear those cute summery dresses, but need some extra warmth. Pair some fleece tights with a cute skater skirt and flannel for a perfect autumn look that's very relaxed.

Target, $10

Giant Sweatshirt

Giant sweatshirts might seem like a lazy girl staple, but they are actually pretty trendy right now. Awesome, right?! They keep you super warm and go great with a pair of jeans or even leggings.

Urban Outfitters, $45

Fur-Lined Boots

I wasn't a fan of fur lined boots until I realized how cold my feet really get in the winter. I thought they would make my feet sweaty, but they just keep me warm and cozy when its chilly out! They are a must have.

Bloomingdale's, $100

A Beret

Baseball hats are OUT and berets are in, okay? Just kidding, but they will keep you warm when it starts getting cold. Yes, caps look cool and trendy, but berets look more glamorous and are more cozy.

Urban Outfitters, $29

Are you going to try any of these looks? Tell us in the comments!

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