7 Signs You’re The Weird Friend In Your Friend Group

Before I start this post, I want to say that being the weird friend isn’t BAD, it’s just something that happens. Maybe you act a little bit differently than your other friends, or you are just a unique person in general. Some people love to embrace their weirdness, while others might be a little hesitant to show off their weird side. Both of these things are fine, you just have to figure out who you are. Every group of friends has a different “person” – you know, the mom of the group, the rebel of the group and, of course, the weird one. If you don’t know what friend you are, you might be the weird friend. I think I am, anyway.

Again, it’s not a bad thing to be weird, and I don’t want you to think that it is. But, it is nice to know if you do happen to be the weird friend. Being weird is just a different way of saying “unique” or “quirky.” Honestly, if people are calling you weird, they might just be jealous of how unique you are! Or maybe you really are just weird. Who knows. If you want to find out, take a look at these signs that you’re the “weird” friend in the group. 

You Dress Differently

It's not a bad thing to dress differently than your friends, in fact, it can really help you stand out! But, sometimes, the "weird" friend is the one who has an interesting or unique fashion sense. It just goes to show that not everybody should be clones of each other.

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You Have A Different Sense Of Humor

If you don't really get your friend jokes, and they don't get yours, you're probably the weird friend. Of course, your friends still like you anyway, they just get confused by your strange sense of humor.

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You're On The Internet Too Much

I don't know about you, but I actually have one friend who doesn't get memes or go on the internet - ever. So, my internet references go completely over her head, making ME, seem like the weird one.  If you're the friend who spends ALL of her time on Tumblr, you might also be the weird friend.

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You Have Different Tastes

It's totally fine to have different tastes and opinions than your friends. If you disagree with your entire group of friends, they might think you're a little strange, but you shouldn't ruin your friendship over it.

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Your Friends "Make Fun" Of You

Okay, if your friends are always jokingly rolling their eyes at you, they probably think you're weird in an endearing way. If they are actually poking fun at you, then it means they might think you're the "annoying" friend, instead of the cute and weird friend. It's important to make sure your friends are never intentionally hurting your feelings.

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You Think Your Friends Don't "Get" You

They probably try really hard to understand your weird personality, but they don't. The important thing here is that they still want to be your friend, even if they don't totally get you. Your friends should love you for you and your weird quirks!

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You Would Describe Yourself As "Quirky"

If you think you have a quirky personality, your friends probably do too. That's okay! There is nothing wrong with being ~quirky~ even though teen movies like to make you think that being different is bad. It's not, I promise!

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Are you the weird friend? Tell us in the comments!

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