7 Signs Your S.O. Is Going To Break Up With You By Christmas

Is your relationship safe? For your sake, we hope so, but you might just want to cross your fingers. Studies have shown that breakups experience a spike during the month of November and the weeks leading up to Christmas. There’s the phenomenon of the Turkey Drop, referring specifically to high school sweethearts to try to keep their relationship alive through college, only to put an end to things once they come home for Thanksgiving break. Then there are those two weeks before Christmas when people realize that they don’t want to feel required to do all the relationship duties of the holiday season, but have enough of a heart not to break up with someone on Christmas day (which, fun fact, is the day you’re least likely to experience a break up all year).

That time of year is approaching and it’ll be here sooner than you think. One minute, you and your partner are planning your Halloween couples costume together. The next, you’re writing a cryptic Tweet right after the breakup. Again, hopefully this won’t be your fate. We want you and your boo to be all, er, booed up together for as long as possible. But we also don’t want you to be blindsided. So check out these seven signs that you S.O. will break up with you by Christmas to watch out for hints that bae is planning on moving on.

Your Partner Is Becoming A LOT More Distant On The Phone, Via Text, Etc

Talking to them on the phone, or texting for hours on end, or Facetiming until one of you fell asleep used to be the norm. Now? It's hard to even have a halfway decent conversation with them. They usually reply with a basic AF "haha" or "lol" if not just a "yes" or "no." It's like pulling teeth, which leads to...

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You Have To Prompt Most Conversations And Hang Outs These Days

Frankly, he doesn't text you first anymore. And when it comes to hang outs--whether it's literally just chillin' at the movies or hooking up--you're the one prompting these little get togethers, never them. Basically, you're doing all the work to keep this relationship afloat. It's as if your partner is just waiting for you to get tired of doing the heavy lifting so you'll tucker yourself out and want out of the relationship before they get the courage to end things themselves.

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They're Being Super Cagey About Holiday Plans

I'm not just talking when to exchange gifts for the holidays or if you'll be spending Thanksgiving with one family or the other. I'm even talking holidays like Halloween are becoming difficult to plan with them. You two were amped about your couples costume last year. This year? You're suggesting this and that and they're super noncommittal or seem to have zero interest in actually dressing up with you (which is especially bad if they actually like Halloween). When it comes to the holiday season, they're suddenly not sure when they'll be available to hang out or if they can get away...which, let's be real, if they could, they would, and they wouldn't make excuses about it. Be super aware of how vague they about this kind of stuff, sis.

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They'll Make Up Intricate Excuses Why They Can't Hang Out

This is just them doing the absolute most, perhaps to absolve themselves of guilt for standing you up or claiming they couldn't hang out when they really could have. You know how when little kids lie they go on and on and on because they're basically making stuff up as they go along? Yeah, well, older people can kind of end up doing this too. Instead of keeping their excuse short and sweet, they'll launch into this winding tale of why they couldn't go to your house last night. If your partner has been doing this a lot lately--coming up with intricate excuses why they can't hang out--it's time to use some serious side eye on 'em.

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They're Suddenly Interested In Trying Out New Things In Your Relationship

This screams "trying to save a dying relationship." Maybe it doesn't feel like it's dying on your end, but if your partner is suddenly super invested in trying new things to spice up your relationship, watch out. Maybe it's going out on dates more often, maybe it's having more, sex. Whatever it is, they're trying to set a sinking ship, and if it doesn't right itself soon, you two may be history sooner rather than later.


They're Discussing A Future More And More That Doesn't Seem To Involve You

Maybe they're talking about taking a gap year to find themselves after graduation, or they're thinking about joining some club that'll eat up loads of their time, or they straight up want to move to a new town, state, or country. Whatever it is, they're thinking about their future--near and far--and they don't seem all that interested in including you in it or even asking your take on it. This is a big red flag, honestly. I mean, do you necessarily want to move? Of course not. Maybe your interests or own future plans don't line up with your partner's, and that's fine. But them seemingly casually letting you in on a vision that they have of themselves in the future in which you don't have a clear role? They're trying to get you used to the idea of not being an item, period.

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They've Floated The Idea Of 'Taking A Break' With You

This is the biggest red flag on this entire list, honestly. Look, there might be exceptions to this rule, but let's be one hundred percent real here: going on a break is code for "I want to break up but I'm a little too uncertain to do it with gusto quite yet." In other words, this is a breakup waiting to happen, and you might even agree to it just to cling on to your relationship. Don't fall for it. They're just biding their time.


So, has your boyfriend displayed any of these signs? What would be a deal breaker for you in a relationship that would trigger a break up? Tell us in the comments!

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