15 Easy Ways To Make Your School Notes Look Flawless

If you are anything like me, chances are good that, now that we are a month or so into the school year, you are in dire need of some school-related inspiration. Like, sure, you probably started the school year full of hopes and dreams, bolstered by your brand new school supplies and feeling confident that this was the year you were finally going to create one of those notebooks that you keep seeing on Tumblr and Pinterest. You know, the ones that look like this:


Of course, at this point in the school year, it is also possible that you are feeling slightly more inclined to scribble down your notes, whatever they may be, into any old notebook with any old pen or pencil just so you can be done with the whole thing. And that is fully within your rights! Still, there is a hefty amount of research out there that says that writing things down by hand makes it easier to remember, which means that actually taking a decent amount of time and effort to write things down by hand certainly can’t hurt, memory-wise. So, check out these easy ways to make your school notes look totally ~flawless~:

1. Only use one highlighter color for each subject:


If you use a bunch of colors, it will look busy. So, pick one color to use at the header of each different section of your notes. (You can pick a different color for each subject.) Even if your handwriting isn’t, like, great, as long as you write clearly, this will give your notes an overall appealing aesthetic.

2. Use a fun header at the start of every page:


They don’t have to look exactly like the ones above–because, uh, they’re objectively amazing–but if you use a fun decoration at the start of every page, it’ll make the whole thing look more polished.

3. If you’re not sure where to start with headers, use these templates:


It might take a little practice, but you can find one (or a bunch) that work well for you.

4. Use these tips to give your overall notes a little more flair:


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Anyone can do these!

5. Or these ones:


(This is technically for a bullet journal, but the overall sentiment applies.)

6. Embellish your notes with some fun accents:


If you’re prone to doodling anyway, this is a great thing to try.

7. These are also some cool accent ideas:


They’re great to slip in when you need to emphasize a certain idea or point.

8. Make illustrations whenever you can:


This is basically essential for classes where you need to diagram information, and can also be super helpful if you’re a visual learner.

9. Know how to upgrade your handwriting:


Not everyone has picture-perfect calligraphy (I certainly don’t!), but you can definitely fool some people by using some of these tips.

10. Try dividing your notes with these cool designs:

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This is perfect for bullet journals and class notes when you need to mark a transition from one section of a class to the next.

11. Try making a mind map:


This is a great way to keep track of a bunch of different interconnected ideas, particularly if you have a big comprehensive exam approaching.

12. Seriously–use mind maps:


This is the one thing where using a bunch of different colors may pay off.

13. Use similar techniques for your planner:


If you make writing things down in your planner more of a ritual, you’ll feel more inclined to look at it–and, as a result, be more inclined not to forget about important due dates you have coming up.

14. Make charts whenever you can:


This is a great way to review and reinforce information later on.

15. Rewrite your notes after class:


No one has the capability to make their notes look like the ones on this list, like, the first time they write them down. (Particularly during class.) So, to make you notes look good, try to rewrite them after class–this will seem like a lot of effort at first, but it will help you remember things better later on, so you won’t have to study as much.

Would you put this much effort into your notes? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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