17 Tiny Disney Princess Tattoos You’ll Totally Want

I’m sure everyone has their favorite Disney princess. Maybe you’re a fan of the classics like Snow White and Cinderella, or you like the more modern princesses, like Moana and Merida.  My personal favorite has always been Ariel, since I truly wanted to be a mermaid when I was younger. I DID go on to become captain of my swim team, but that’s besides the point. The point is that all of the Disney princesses are cool, no matter which one is your favorite. But, if you do happen to have a favorite, you might want to find a way to show that off. And a good way to do that is to get a Disney princess tattoo.

You probably don’t want an entire back tattoo of Mulan, since 1) that would hurt and 2) that would be…excessive. But, you can get a tiny and cute tattoo based on your favorite princess. It is a good way to commemorate your childhood fave in a grown-up way. You can get a tiny little reminder that there was a time in your life where you probably believed in magic and princesses. And that’s pretty cool! If you want to try out a Disney princess tattoo, check these out for some inspiration. 

1. This pretty watercolor Ariel tattoo:


2. This watercolor Rapunzel!:


3. This sleeping beauty crown that is super subtle:


4. An Arial outline:


5. This tiny Tink:


6. Some matching outlines for you and your BFF:

Disney Silhouettes done by @chiroc_sam #disneytattoos #ariel #pocahontas #fallensparrowtattoos

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7. The rose from Beauty and the Beast:


8. Can’t forget Cinderella’s castle:


9. You could also go all out and get them all!:


10. Or this cute Moana-inspired tattoo:

Moana #moana #moanatattoo

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11. A Mulan tatt:


12. This Ariel-inspired tattoo:



13. Okay, Marie isn’t a princess but she’s so cute!:


14. Alice!:

Tiny watercolor style Alice! #tattoo #watercolor #watercolortattoo #aliceinwonderland #aliceinwonderlandtattoo #disney #disneytattoo #disneytattoos #tattoos

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15. This is Mulan’s clip! Love:


16. This behind the ear tattoo of Ariel’s favorite things:


17. Cinderella’s shoe is a cute idea:


What do you think of these tattoos? Tell us in the comments!

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