The 9 Different Kind Of Orgasms You Can Have As A Woman

Okay, let’s just be honest here: the female orgasm is so much more interesting than the male orgasm. For most dudes, having an orgasm is easy; a few (or more) strokes, and they can get there pretty quickly. For women, it’s a whole lot more complicated. And yeah, sure, we could look at that as a negative thing – like, why is it so much more simple for guys to feel that good? – but it’s better for everyone if we give it a more positive spin. Female orgasms are often described as more intense and erotic than male orgasms, and when done right, can deliver pleasure that can last for up to 20 seconds, while males have orgasms that typically last about three seconds.

Another positive? Women can have so many different types of orgasms, meaning there is so much sexual pleasure potential out there for us. It’s not just about vaginal or clitoral orgasms – there are actually nine different kinds of intense pleasure you could feel down there, whether you’re masturbating or getting it on with someone else. Doesn’t that seem more exciting than just tugging one out for five minutes and feeling good for about three? Okay, fine, it’s not a competition, whatever. Here are the different kinds of orgasms you can have as a woman – and how to make sure they happen for you.

Cervical Orgasms

The cervical orgasm is a tricky one: there is no solid research confirming they exist and a lot of researchers don't believe when people claim to have one - they think it's the effect of another kind of orgasm. But people continue to claim they have one, and a lot of researchers do believe they might be real. So! It's complicated, but it's probably a thing, considering all that is unknown about female genitals.

The cervix orgasm is also sometimes called a "deep-spot orgasm" because it requires deep penetration. Some sex researchers believe there is a "sweet spot" located just below the cervix that, if hit during penetration, would feel really, really, really good. This hasn't been scientifically proven, but they think it's there. When it comes to cervical orgasms, some women report pain and sensitivity, while others say they feel a really intense orgasm.

If you want to try to achieve this, you're better off applying more pressure than repeated stimulation, and of course, it requires deep penetration. So, use a sex toy or a penis rather than your fingers. And be careful!

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U-Spot Orgasm

The u-spot orgasm refers to your urethra (yes, the hole you pee out of). This is the orgasm you're most likely having if you squirt when you reach the big O. The urethra is surrounded on three sides by your clitoris - see what I'm getting at? When stimulating your clitoris, you may sometimes end up stimulating your u-spot as well. And when this happens, it triggers the Skene's Gland, which produces the fluid often referred to, so eloquently, as squirting. This is probably the reason so many people say that squirting is a mix of pee and other female liquids.

Want to try it out? Stimulate your clitoris, and don't be afraid to move around. Your clitoris is much larger than it seems, so just touching one spot might not be enough to reach the "u-spot." Experiment a bit! Sex toys during penetration is a good start.

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Vaginal Orgasm

Ah, the controversial vaginal orgasm. Some people claim these don't actually exist. A lot of women report never being able to have one. Some researchers say a vaginal orgasm is the same thing as a g-spot orgasm. Will we ever know the truth? Probably not, to be honest, but one thing is for sure: women report having them, so they're real.

A vaginal orgasm comes from penetration, and it's more of a full body experience than a clitoral orgasm (we'll get to that in a minute!). It's a deeper sensation and can last a little longer. It can also be really tough, sometimes nearly impossible, to have one. It sometimes seems like some women have them, and others don't, or can't.

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Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoral orgasm is easily the most well-known orgasm out there, one the majority of women can have. It is as it sounds: an orgasm that comes from stimulating your clitoris. They come from direct stimulation, which means that clitoral orgasms are more likely to happen during fingering, oral sex, or using sex toys rather than just penetration. They are short bursts of intense pleasure, and they're super common.

How can you have one? Clitoral orgasms become easy once you locate your clitoris and figure out what feels good for you. The best way to do this is by masturbating. Your clitoris will feel a little harder and different from everything else down there, and when you rub it, it will feel good. Just follow the direction of the good feelings! Clitoral orgasms are also probably the reason lesbians have more orgasms than straight women (this is my theory, anyway): you can achieve them from oral sex or use of sex toys, which is more likely to happen more often in a lesbian relationship. If you want to try and achieve a clitoral orgasm during penetration, though, it's not impossible. Try stimulating your clitoris with a finger during penetration, or use a sex toy during. Direct stimulation is required, so if you can do two things at once, you're golden.

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G-Spot Orgasm

This is another weirdly controversial type of pleasure that scientists and researchers just can't seem to agree on. Some researchers say that the g-spot doesn't exist, others swear it does. Some women say they've found it, others say they never will. It's mythical! But, it's probably real, and it's probably just different for everyone.

A g-spot orgasm is often considered to be the same thing as a vaginal orgasm, but since neither have scientific evidence backing them and since both are so controversial, there's no proof that they are the same thing. It's said to feel similar to a vaginal orgasm, though: a full body experience of intense pleasure that is hard to come by.

If you want to try to find yours, go for it - there are lots of different methods out there. To try and get to it, use a circular motion during sex, or try having sex from behind. And be patient - the process can take up to 25 minutes.

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Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm is what it sounds like: two different types of orgasms happening together. It refers to the moment two different erotic zones are being stimulated. So, for example, stimulating your clitoris while also having your nipples stimulated. Penetrating your anus while also being fingered. It's basically two different kinds of feelings of pleasure merged together.

If you want to have one, just stimulate two different spots at the same time, like the examples above, or whatever gets you going.

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Multiple Orgasm

Chances are good that you've heard about multiple orgasms. They are one of the things that stand out as a difference between male and female sexual pleasure - while guys typically need some time in between orgasming (sometimes up to a few hours), a lot of women can have one orgasm after the other. It's a huge perk of your vagina!

Multiple orgasms include orgasms that happen one after the other without stopping, and orgasms that happen one after the other while resting for a moment or two in between. Some women can go and go and go, like, a lot, and others can do two or three. Sometimes it's said that every single woman out there can have multiple orgasms, but since everyone's bodies are so different, this doesn't seem to be true. If you can do it, great!

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Sometimes being a woman means you don't even need to have sex in order to have an orgasm. A coregasm is having an orgasm from exercising, which is very much a thing. It's not usually the same as a regular orgasm - it feels good, but it's not as intense. So, yes, a woman next to you at the gym could be having one and you wouldn't even know it.

A lot of exercise is required for one of these, and it's not cardio or anything like that. It's usually exercises that focus on the lower part of your body, like inner thigh workouts or leg raises.

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Anal Orgasm

An anal orgasm is a thing! That's why anal sex is so popular. A lot of women who enjoy anal sex say that once you get used to the feeling and the pain isn't as noticeable, anal sex can feel even better than penetrative sex. But be careful: it's easy to tear something or to hurt yourself, so start out slow.

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Which type of orgasm do you notice the most? What did we forget to include? Share in the comments.

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