The 7 Worst Sex Positions That Should Never Be Done By Anyone

Sex may look like it’s glamorous and… well, sexy, but in reality there are a lot of ways it can go wrong. From getting kicked in the face by a stray foot to laughing uncontrollably when he takes his pants off for the first time (do not ever do this unless you’re trying to get him to leave), sex isn’t always the easiest way to express your love for someone. And you know what’s making it even harder? Crazy sex positions that we all feel like we have to try to “spice things up,” even when we know they seem unrealistic and weird.

The literal thousands upon thousands of sex positions out there. Half of them aren’t even physically possible, and the other half that are possible are more effort than they’re worth. Why fix what ain’t broke? Doggy, missionary and cowgirl are classics for a reason. If you’re looking to spice up the bedroom, why don’t you break in a few couples’ sex toys instead of breaking your arm attempting something that might take so long to figure out that you’re both not even turned on anymore by the time you get it? Here are a few of the worst sex positions out there that no one should ever attempt. You’ve been warned!

Which one of these sex positions is your least favorite? Which do you actually like? Tell us in the comments!


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