15 Unique Nail Trends That You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Year

As you may or may not have noticed, Fashion Week just ended in New York, which means that we got to take a look at everything that will be big in the coming months. Sure, these are spring 2018 trends but, TBH, it’s never too early to scope out what will be big next year. And, you might as well get ahead of everyone else now, right? I think fall is a perfect time to try out some fresh new trends so that you can be the first one to wear them and impress your friends. Obviously, you can’t start wearing the spring 2018 clothing trends, since you’ll be cold. BUT, you can get a head start on wearing some of the big 2018 nail trends. And, it just so happens that nail art is back.

I, for one, am very excited. Sure, the neutral-colored nails were great for the past few years, but I am so ready to try out some weird and slightly bizarre nail trends that will probably be everywhere. I mean, why did  glitter nails EVER go out of style? Who knows, but they are back, along with a slew of other abstract and cool nail designs. What are you waiting for? Get ahead of the trends and check out these cool nail art designs that you should try soon:

1. Floral embellishments are pretty intense, but they also cool, if you want to pull those off:


2. ~Minimalist~ nails AKA nails with tiny designs or dots on them are also a cool way to update your nails:


3. Tiny, abstract designs are also huge and were seen all over the runway at NYFW:


Yesterday’s runway look using @deborahlippmann polishes in Blue Orchid and Laughin to the bank at @creaturesofcomfort

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4. Beaded embellishments are making a comeback, believe it or not:


5. The iridescent trend definitely isn’t going anywhere, so these nails will also be on-trend:


6. Triangles and abstract shapes on one finger is also making a comeback:


7. Adding lines to your nails is also a popular and super easy trend:


The #naillook @katespadeny ?? Shape Of My Heart & Fade To Black. #deborahlippmann #katespade #nyfw #ss18 #DLNYFW #behindthecurtain

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8. Having a unique design on every nail sounds pretty complicated, but it’s a super cool look:


9. Matte nails are ALSO back, finally, since they are cool AF:


10. Adding tiny jewels to only your cuticle area is also a popular way to add a cool look to your nails:


11. Again, abstract shapes will be huge in the coming months, and you should try out this cool AF design:


#nails #nailart #vikinails #nail

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12. Adding “letters” and “logos” were also huge during fashion week:


13. Camo is BACK, guys!:


14. Thin, tiny lines are a super easy way to give your nails a pretty upgrade:


15. And, as always, floral nails will NEVER go out of style:

Are you going to try these nail trends? Tell us in the comments!

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