25 Funny Tumblr Posts About Things That Shouldn’t Make You As Angry As They Do

There are plenty of things in life that you can be legitimately sad, angry, or frustrated about: natural disasters that ruin lives, political turmoil that makes you question everything you’ve ever known, racism and sexism that still exists in the year 2017, Donald Trump’s Twitter account… the list goes on and on. With all of the things that can make you upset, you would think that we, as people, would try to be more positive about everything else so that we don’t walk around in a state of angry misery all the time. But no. Instead, we usually find silly, small, meaningless things to be upset about, even though they aren’t that big of a deal.

So, if that’s what we’re going to do, then we might as well laugh at ourselves, right? These small things might feel like mini tragedies at the moment, but we can appreciate the humor behind them later, when we’re watching the news and getting some perspective (fun!). These Tumblr posts about things that shouldn’t make us angry or sad as they do will really hit home for everyone, especially those of us who are just a little more dramatic than others (ahem, myself). Let’s just laugh about this stuff, okay?

1. When you have to deal with the struggle of a lifetime:



2. When you order something online and the shipping does what it says it’s going to do but you hoped it would magically get there faster:



3. You when you’re trying to be healthy and good to your body and it comes back to haunt you:



4. This incredible embarrassment:



5. This existential crisis:



6. When technology ruins your life:



7. Every time you feel a small amount of pain and you think it’s the end of you:



8. Um, this:



9. When you are denied happiness:



10. When you go literally anywhere and they brag about free Wifi so you connect to it but the Wifi still doesn’t work and life doesn’t make sense:



11. Transitional weather ruins your wardrobe:



12. When you ruin your own life:



13. Being forced to get rid of the things that you love:



14. When you thought someone was your friend but it turns out they are just rude:



15. When someone has the nerve to actually call you and ruin a good song:



16. Internet videos that leave you with no closure:



17. This situation that makes you unreasonably competitive:



18. The ultimate emotional battle:



19. When Twitter forces you to be grammatically incorrect:



20. When people on social media are rude AF:



21. The moment you question everything you’ve ever thought about fashion:



22. When you’re trying to better yourself but the world is against you:



23. When you notice something fishy:



24. This horrible sequence of events:


25. When you ruin your own favorite song:


Which one of these Tumblr posts can you relate to the most? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments.

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