8 Little Ways To Make Your Room Seem Neater

My deepest and darkest secret (that isn’t really a secret to anyone who knows me or who has been in my room before) is that I am actually pretty messy. Both in the figurative sense (I’m a messy b*tch who lives for drama!), but also in the literal sense, since I leave a mess everywhere I go, somehow. I drop things, I forget things, I leave them on the ground. It’s just me. I used to think it was ~quirky~ but now I’ve come to discover that it’s actually just super annoying. Why am I such a mess all the time? Who knows. But my room is a big indicator of my messiness.

Over the years, I have found some simple yet effective ways to seem a tiny bit neater than I truly am. My room is a constant messy state, but if I take just a few minutes every day to actually try these tips out, then it makes me seem a LOT more put together. If you are a little self-conscious about your messy room, try these little tips for making your room seem a tiny bit neater.

Make Your Bed

You know what? Making your bed makes your room look pretty tidy, even if everything else is a MESS. It ties your room together and makes it seem cleaner. Wash your bedding and then make your bed and your room will feel a lot better.

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Open Your Blinds

Letting some light in will help to brighten up your room and make your room seem a little more alive. Not only that, but it can help shed some light on your mess, which might inspire you to clean up a little bit more.  I would also open your window (if possible) to air out your room and freshen it up a little bit. A smelly room is also an untidy room!

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Get Rid Of Things That Don't Belong

Do you have a giant cardboard box from a package you ordered three months ago just laying in your room? I know I do. Random things that don't belong in my room always end up there, and I ignore them until I am in frowning in clutter. If there is anything in your room that doesn't belong, throw it out or put it somewhere else! Don't throw your books on the floor - put them on a bookshelf. And if you don't have a bookshelf, get one!

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Add Mirrors To Your Room

Not only do mirrors help you pick out your fabulous outfit every morning, but they also make your room seem bigger and lighter. Add a big mirror, or a few smaller ones, to help give off the illusion that your room is big.

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Keep Things Off The Floor

I am guilty of this. I throw every article of clothing I own on the floor while picking out an outfit, before I settle on the same black dress I wear mostly every day. I know it's easy to rush in the morning and not tidy up, but when you get home from school or work, be sure to pick those things up off of the floor. It will give you more space to do your thing.

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Add Plants

Not only do plants give your room ~life~ but they will hopefully also get you on a cleaning schedule. You will have to water them once a day, and while you're at it, you might as well tidy up the rest of your room. Plus, they will add some color to your room, which is especially important in the winter.

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Add Wall Art

This is really based on personal preference, but adding little decorations or wall art can really help pull your room together. If you are looking for a way to seem more clean and tidy, hang up some photos or posters. You don't want to add TOO many, because then you might get cluttered. But a few here and there can help your walls look nicer.

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Stick To One Color

If you keep all of your room decor in one color or shade, it will look a lot more put together and neat. Multicolored things are nice, but they also make rooms look busy and disorganized. Try to find a theme and stick to it!

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