7 Things Guys Can Get Away With That Girls Can’t

Being a girl, obviously, has its perks. We get to wear cool outfits and do our makeup. Yes, guys can (and should, if they want) do this too, but it’s still primarily a thing that us girls do. It’s fun to be a girl, but it can also be incredibly frustrating. On the one hand, we can do things like wear dresses and skirts, while men are shamed for that. On the other hand, we are also subjected to harassment and catcalling if we choose to wear said outfits. Honestly, it sucks so much.

There are so many basic things that guys can get away with and girls can’t. I don’t want to sound whiney, since everybody has their own struggles, I just wish it was easier for girls to be able to do things that guys do. The other day, I came across a Reddit thread of things that guys tend to get away with, but girls can’t. TBH, it was pretty frustrating to learn how many things women are shamed for. But, it also made me more aware of the double standards that are in our society, and make me want to work harder to make these things more acceptable. If you, too, want to help women be accepted, take a look at these basic things guys can get away with that girls can’t.

Get Old

This is true, and very frustrating, especially for celebrities. Women are always expected to look young and poreless, even though that is impossible. As Suedeveil said, " it's hard to not see it everywhere that men are celebrated after a certain age and women are trying everything they can to avoid the signs of aging." It might not be something you think about now, but it will happen to you eventually. I'm sorry!

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Be Messy

For some reason, dirty rooms are ~just dude things~ but if a girl has a messy room she's sloppy. I'm sorry, what? Amgov said, "Having a messy house" and while you probably don't own a house at this point in your life, you might have a messy room. And a lot of the times, it's totally acceptable for a guy to have a messy room, but not a girl.

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Play Video Games

LISTEN, I like video games but if I ever mention that, guys think I'm trying to impress them. I'm NOT! As Suedeveil says, "So many women are either harassed for being attention seekers if they play video games and happen to be attractive." Video games are fun, why are only guys allowed to play them? Ugh.

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Walk Down The Street

Must be nice to be a guy and just be able to, you know, walk places without being harassed, right? As Not_rachel said, "Walking around outside without hearing strangers yell lewd and unsolicited things about their body." It's super degrading and upsetting that women get catcalled all the time, just for existing. Men, on the other hand, an do whatever they want.

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Be Assertive

As auxarcia said, "Aggression. Men can raise their voices, speak with authority, gives orders without being accused of being shrill or emotional." If women raise their voices, they are "bitchy" or "bossy." When men do it, they are just being assertive.

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Be Lazy

Men have the luxury of not having to wear makeup. As Laughingcow420 says, "Women who don't wear makeup are seen as 'tired' or 'lazy.'" Women are always expected to look perfect and put together, while men can literally do whatever they want and still be accepted.

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Have Bad Eyebrows

This is a tiny thing, but makes a big difference! Rose_2000 said, "Having bad eyebrows.No one judges boys eyebrows. I get mine waxed every 3 weeks, it's a lot of money." If you don't take car of your eyebrows, you might be seen as "lazy," while men probably don't even know how to do anything regarding eyebrows.

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What do you think of these double standards?  Tell us in the comments!

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