7 Important Sex Positions To Try In College

You’re only in college once, right? Well, unless you go to grad school or something. But, for the most of us, we only have a few years to try out everything there is college has to offer. You know – the parties, the classes, the sex, etc. Sex can be a big part of your college career, if you think about it. You’re out on your own with no parents to supervise you, so you can sort of do whatever you want. And that includes sex! There are SO many different positions you need to try, and some of them you should totally do before you graduate from college.

These positions aren’t specific to college-aged girls (obviously everyone should try them) but they should be on your college bucket list. They are a little more advanced than a basic missionary sex session, but still easy enough that you can totally pull them off. If you’re looking for new ways to impress your sexual partner, try these important sex positions that everyone should try in college. 

Are you going to try any of these sex position? Tell us in the comments!

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