7 Ways To Tell If Your Period Is Too Heavy

Some people are lucky to have light periods, but it seems like most of us feel that when the crimson tide comes to town, it really flowsHaving a heavy period is annoying. You have to be on constant leak lookout and you have to make sure that you always have a stash of tampons or pads with you.

If you’ve ever looked down at the disaster zone down there when you’re on your period and wondered whether all that blood is normal, it’s likely that it is. Heavy periods aren’t usually something out of the ordinary, but there is a point when things go from a heavy period to a too heavy one. The technical term is menorrhagia. It’s not something that is super common, but it can happen.

If you’re concerned about whether your flow is too heavy, check out the seven signs below that can help you figure out whether your flow, erm, overfloweth or whether it’s heavy but something you can deal with. No matter what the results below make you think, remember that if you’re still concerned about your period, it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor so they can assess the situation.

You Have To Change Your Pad Or Tampon Very Often

If you're changing your pad or tampon every couple of hours, things hopefully aren't too bad. But, if you find that you have to change them about once an hour or so, it's a good idea to speak to your doctor. If you're losing that much blood, it could cause other side effects.

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You Have To Change Your Pad Or Tampon During The Night

Night time is usually when period leaks happen thanks to the turning and that pad or tampon not staying where it's supposed to. That's something most of us deal with. However, if you find that you have to get up during the night to switch your pad or tampon, your flow could be too heavy. Even if you do it once, you might want to get it looked into.

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You're Having To Double Up On Pads

You might like to double up on pads by placing one in the back to ensure that everything is properly protected. If you're just trying to be prepared, things hopefully aren't an issue. The problem is when you have to use two pads, or a pad and a tampon, to prevent things from turning catastrophic down there. Also, speak to your doctor if you have to layer two pads on top of each other to control your flow.

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You're Experiencing Anemia-Like Symptoms

Anemia is when your body doesn't carry enough oxygen to your blood. The most common cause of it is when you're not getting enough iron. It's important for us ladies to ensure we're getting enough iron in our diets thanks to that time of the month otherwise it can lead to anemia-like symptoms. If you have a heavy flow and experience dizziness, tiredness, or you feel irritable on your period, go see a pro. Also watch out for signs such as feeling cold, having a headache, or being short of breath.

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You Have To Make Life Changes Because Of Your Heavy Flow

When we're on our periods, it's normal to make some different life choices such as saying no to white pants and switching up our sex routines to prevent things from getting messy. Menorrhagia is an issue if you find yourself canceling plans, avoiding participating things, or basically hermitting until your flow is gone.

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You Have Very Big Blood Clots

Blood clots are a reality for the majority of us when we're menstruating. It's normal to have some small ones, but if you notice ones that are bigger than the size of a quarter, you should probably get things checked out. If you think you're also producing a lot of them, see your doc.

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You're Bleeding For Longer Than A Week

It's not just the amount of blood that you lose, it's also important to think about how long you're bleeding for. If you're bleeding for more than a week, it could point to menorrhagia. If you're spotting the last few days it might not be a concern, but if you're still sporting those heavy days then, you will want to take care of things ASAP.

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Have you ever been concerned about a heavy flow? Let us know in the comments!

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