20 Weird Jokes You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Millennial

If you are a young person who has spent some time on the internet, chances are pretty good that you already know, on some level, what I am about to say: Internet humor is supremely, deeply weird. It’s full of unsettling, nonsensical memes and jokes that don’t really make sense, no matter how much or how little you think about them, but, if you are of a certain age, still make you laugh without fully knowing why. Also, did I mention that it’s weird?

Much has been made of the absurd, nihilistic style of millennial online humor (like last month’s buzzy Washington Post piece), but I would make the distinction, personally, that so-called “millennial” humor isn’t necessarily millennial-exclusive. Rather, it’s the domain of the younger half of millennials, plus the high school age-plus component of Generation Z. Older millennials probably wouldn’t really “get,” say, “bone apple tea” or “Hey Beter” quite as much as younger people do, and, chances are, they can’t exactly be explained, either. So, check out these weird-ass jokes that you’ll pretty much only understand if you’re a millennial:

1. These oat-loving pigs:


2. Inserting the Hot Dog Man into historical events:


3. This cake:



4. Every single one of these images:

just a mood board

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5. Getting, uh, super out there with memes:



6. But also getting extremely literal with memes:



7. Making sex playlists:


8. Eating cheerios:

this ended my life @frigidartbitch

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9. Having a lobster serve up a platter of tampons:



10. Expressing the mood for tonight:



11. Shopping for tarts:



12. Selling your 83 grandmas:



13. Feeling emotionally attaches to Luigi:



14. Doing…this:



15. Whatever…this is:



16. Also, this:



17. Exchanging sweet sexts like this:



18. This…relatable meme:


19. This:



20. In summary? This. All of this:


What do you think of these jokes? Do you think they are representative of millennial humor? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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