These Will Be The 18 Most Popular Halloween Costumes For 2017

Every October, without fail, certain Halloween costumes get more popular than others. Last year, you couldn’t go to a Halloween party without seeing someone dressed as Donald Trump, Harambe, the dog filter from Snapchat, or Harley Quinn. In 2015, it was all about Netflix and chill, Left Shark, and any character from Frozen. This year? Well, it’s not that hard to figure out. The costumes that are definitely going to be the most popular this year take inspiration from the political world, as well as the biggest movies and TV events of the year.

Now, if you want to be something creative and unique because you want to stand out at a party… then dressing as any of the below is probably not your best option. There’s nothing wrong with these costumes, of course, it’s just that they’re definitely going to get a little played out by the end of Halloween season. If you don’t mind sticking with the trends, then hey – use this article as your costume inspiration.

A recent Ask Reddit thread discussed the most popular Halloween costumes of 2017, and honestly, users were on point with their suggestions. How many scary clowns do you think you’ll see this year? Check out more of the trendiest costumes you’ll definitely spot at least once:

What are you thinking about wearing as a Halloween costume this year? Which do you think will be the most popular? Let us know in the comments.

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