15 Creative DIY Dessert-Themed Halloween Costumes

Well, here we are. If you have been paying attention, you will know that we’ve just about reached the point of the year in which Halloween is fairly far away (as in, like, six full weeks away), but the pressure to find a Halloween costume that no one else will have is definitely on. (I mean, not from me, obviously. Just, like, general pressure.) This is bound to induce some anxiety in people because, as you probably already know, there are so many options to choose from. You could go for a scary movie-sourced costume. Or, perhaps, a topical, pop culture-themed look. And, as is always the case, there is the possibility of cajoling your BFFs into doing a group costume.

But here is something else for you to consider: Since Halloween is a holiday that is all about candy (well, in its current, secular form that doesn’t involve warding off evil spirits, at least!), it makes sense that one might devote themselves to looking like a snack in order to celebrate it. Or, to be a little more exact, dressing up like a dessert. Sound like something you want to try? If so, check out these super creative DIY dessert-themed Halloween costumes to try this year:


This cake costume may not be the most mobile one out there--maybe don't wear it to school or to a crowded Halloween party?--but it sure does photograph well. Plus, it's easily removable, so you can slide it on and off depending on when you need it.

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Unicorn Toast

Unicorn toast had a real moment this year, so it's fitting that unicorn toast costumes are starting to make the rounds. Even if you haven't tried real unicorn toast, this could be a fun, topical dessert-themed costume to try.

Image Source

Melted Ice Cream Cone

If you want a look that's a little more ~dramatic~ you should try out this (gorgeous) melted ice cream cone look. It'll probably take a lot of time with your makeup, but once you finish, you won't really have to wear a super intricate costume.

Image Source

Candy Corn

I am a devout candy corn enthusiast (@ me, I don't care), so I am obviously all about this candy corn costume.

Image Source

Candy Dots

This is a super cute, super easy costume if you need to throw something together at the last minute--all you need is a big white T-shirt and some paper circles to tape onto it.

Image Source


You know all those super-sweet, sugary cereals you weren't allowed to eat when you were a kid? Vindicate yourself now by dressing up as the sweetest, sugariest bowl of cereal *ever* for Halloween this year.

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Candy Queen

Feel like balling out this Halloween? Try this color-heavy Candy Land-inspired look. You'll just need a lot of makeup, a lot of skill, and a lot of time.

Image Source

Ice Cream Cone

This ice cream cone costume is adorable, right? It's also super easy--all you need is a brown skirt, white t-shirt, multicolored pieces of paper, and something to stick on your head.

Ice Cream Queen

You could also go for a slightly more refined ice cream look by wearing a long white dress and attaching "sprinkles" to it.

Image Source

Gumball Machine

This gumball machine idea is so cute! And, from the looks of it, it's pretty easy--you just need a red pleated skirt and materials to make (fake) gumballs.

Image Source

Candy Land Cotton Candy

If you used to play Candy Land when you were a kid, you have to try out this Candy Land-inspired look--it's so sweet you'll want to eat it right up.

Image Source

Cotton Candy

You can also go for this ~crazier~ cotton candy costume, which uses a bunch of different colors and materials (And, as you can tell, it's a perfect thing to do with your BFF.)

Image Source


Everyone loves cupcakes! Prove you love cupcakes the most by becoming one this Halloween.

Image Source

Fresh Fruit

I generally laugh in the face of anyone who tries to tell me that fruit qualifies as a dessert (I like fruit! It's just not dessert!) but this group costume is so cute, I'll give it a pass.

Image Source

Jelly Beans

If you're a jelly bean lover, this is a great costume that you can totally throw together last minute. All you need is plastic wrap, multicolored balloons, and a Jelly Belly sign if you feel like bringing brands into it.

Image Source

What do you think of these costumes? Would you ever try any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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