20 Unicorn Tattoos That Are Pure Magic

If there is one (positive) thing that 2017 will be remembered for, it will probably be unicorns. It used to be that unicorns were some rare, mystical thing. Now, they’re literally everywhere. They’re blowing up on Instagram, they’re littering the makeup aisles, they’re covering clothes, and they’ve even seeped into our food. And even when you think there are safe places unicorns couldn’t possibly be, there they are. Of course, it isn’t a problem if you love unicorns. If you fall into the latter camp, you’ll be stoked for unicorn tattoos.

There are lots of adorable tattoos from teeny-tiny wrist ones to ones that celebrate how much we love space. But unicorn tattoos are in a class of they’re own. They’re hard not to be given their rainbow manes and major lewks. It’s pretty much impossible to have a bad unicorn tat. Want proof? See these 20 unicorn tattoos that are pure *~magic*~.

1. Detailed Unicorn

Can we just stop for a second to appreciate the detail on this gorgeous unicorn?


2. Outline Unicorn Tattoo

I know those pale pink waves are unicorn-worthy, but let’s talk about that unicorn tattoo. It might be a minimalist outline design, but it slays.


3. Sunset Unicorn Shoulder Tattoo

I love the different take on this. The geometric design is amazing, but then you have that sunset in the back.


4. Galaxy Unicorn Foot Tattoo

This tattoo combines galaxy and unicorns, you guys. This is something that you would never want to cover up with sneakers.


5. Turquoise, Blue, And Purple Unicorn Arm Tattoo

This arm tattoo is nothing short of mesmerizing. If you stare at it, you will think that the unicorn is moving.


6. Bejeweled Unicorn Tattoo

Don’t be jealous, but this unicorn is fiercer than you.


7. Pink-Haired Unicorn

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So, this might actually be a temporary unicorn tattoo, but it can still serve as some major inspo for a real one. TBH, it can also serve as some #hairspiration.


8. Outline Unicorn Arm Tattoo

You would never want to cover up this sweet outline tattoo with long sleeves.


9. Tiny Unicorn Arm Tattoo

Can you see it? How cute is this? This is a great idea for your first ink, or if you want a subtle unicorn tat.


10. Multicolored-Hair Unicorn

Finalmente mio!??? #adoro #unicorntattoo #lovecolors #mubae #loveunicorn ???? #enjoy • • #l4l #l4f #f4f #f4l

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Everyone say it with me now: “Awwwwwwwwww.”


11. Rainbow Unicorn Tattoo

There is so much happening with this tat, I don’t know where to begin. I’ll just direct you to those star nipples.


12. Purple Unicorn Ankle Tattoo

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This is so cute. I cannot handle it.


13. Pink-Haired Unicorn Tattoo

Whether or not you name your unicorn, take inspiration from the magical mane of this ink.


14. Born This Way Unicorn Tattoo

A great message and a great tattoo.


15. Pink And Purple-Haired Unicorn 

coisinha mais fofa ??? #unicorntattoo

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Wrist tattoos are always cute, but this unicorn one is extra. Just look at that pink and purple ombre hair…


16. Geometric Unicorn Tattoo

#unicorn #tattoo #unicorntattoo #girltattoo #pink #poligonal #lampedusa #lovemujob #needanothertattoo

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It doesn’t need eyes to be fabulous…


17. Trippy Unicorn

You can read into this comic unicorn tat what you want.


18. Triangle Unicorn Arm Tattoo

Galaxy, unicorn, triangles, arms, sign a girl up.


19. Unicorn Quote Tattoo

It’s some good advice. Just sayin’.


20. Black And White Unicorn

The blackwork design is a fresh take on the rainbow unicorns. I also love the symbols surrounding it and the font “unique” was written in.


What unicorn tattoo is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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