15 Creative DIY Cartoon Costumes For BFFs

I don’t know about you, but on occasion, I will still watch some of my favorite childhood cartoons. I don’t binge them, but if it just happens to be on one day, I’ll watch it. I admit it is a little weird, but I think that the idea of “going back to a simpler time” is actually pretty important, especially now that we are all older and stressed out about everything happening in the world. So, it’s okay to get nostalgic about better times and revisit your old faves. A good way to pay homage to those favorite cartoons characters is to dress as them for Halloween.

The good part about cartoon characters is that they tend to wear the same outfit everyday, which makes their costumes super easy to make and very recognizable. So, in a way, they make perfect costumes. If you and your BFF are looking for a cute but easy matching costume for Halloween this year, you should check out these DIY costumes based on cartoon characters, and see which one matches you and your BFF’s personality the most. Good luck!

Eliza And Debbie Thornberry

These girls are KILLING it, and this is actually a pretty simple costume that you probably have in your closet already! A yellow t-shirt with some braids works for Eliza, while Debbie is known for her big hair and crop top.



Remember those weird guys? Well, they are a pretty cute and easy DIY costume. All you need is a long yellow shirt and some ears. Try not to think about the fact that they are connected at the butt.


Princess Bubblegum And Marceline From Adventure Time

These are two awesome and badass ladies that deserve to be represented. You'll probably be seeing a ton of Finn and Jake costumes, but trust me - go with the princesses. They are so much cooler.


Alvin And The Chipmunks

The famous singing rodents are a good costume for you and your BFF(s) since it's also easy to pull off. The space buns as "ears" are also a super cute addition.


Velma And Daphne From Scooby Doo

Who says that Shaggy and Scooby are the only BFFs on that show? These ladies are totally badass, and this costume is perfect as a part of a group, or just you and your BFF!


Cosmo And Wanda From The Fairly Oddparents

The best fairies! All you need are some wings, a crown, and a button down for Cosmo. It's a surprisingly easy costume. If you really want to go all out, dye your hair like these girls. Or...buy some colored hair spray. That works too.


Tina And Louise From Bob's Burgers

These sisters don't really get along all the time, but they do love each other, and make for super easy costumes! A green dress with pink ears is Louise's signature look, and Tina loves her blue skirt and top.


Arthur And Buster From Arthur

These BFFS dress surprisingly cool considering the fact that they are animals. Wear a sweater and jeans, throw on some animal ears and you're good! Bonus points if you carry a library card.


Ash And Pikachu From Pokemon

LOL it's me guys, please don't judge. Who says Ash has to be a boy?! My roommate and I did this in college and it was fun and super easy. I still have the ears...somewhere.

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Team Rocket From Pokemon

This is another easy one, since all you need is the "R" on your chest, but it's a pretty unique costume since team rocket is pretty annoying and evil, which makes most people forget about them.


Mario And Luigi

These brothers are another great costume idea for BFFs since they are always saving princesses and stuff. But instead of being a princess, you can be the heroes!


The Powerpuff Girls

The original girl-power ladies are a perfect last-minute costume, since all they wear is their respective colors. I know my sisters and I did this a lot as kids, and I was ALWAYS Bubbles, who is the best, BTW.



I feel like this is obvious but I threw it in there anyway, since why not. There are a thousand different ways you can wear minion costumes, but they will always be recognizable.


Spongebob And Patrick

The CLASSIC BFFs also make a cute costume if you add tutus and bows. It's a little more unique than just a plain t-shirt with Spongebob's face on it, IMO.


Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy From Spongebob

If you would rather go with a different Spongebob character, try this crime-fighting duo. Bonus points if you drive in an ~invisible car~.


Are you going to try any of these costumes this year? Tell us in the comments!

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