7 Things To Do With Your Tongue During Sex

I have to be honest here, there are not a ton of things you can do with your tongue on an every day basis besides lick things, eat, and play some sort of wind instrument. But, fortunately, there are a lot of things you CAN do with your tongue when it comes to hooking up! You can lick body parts, other people’s tongues, even ice pops if you’re into that (totally not judging). But you have to know the best spot to use your tongue when hooking up with your partner. That can be tricky. I mean, you don’t want to just start licking their hair and ~ruin the mood~ right? That sounds kind of gross. But hey, if you’re into it, you do you.

There are actual places that your partner will like to be licked, because they are ultra sensitive and whatnot. You might be a little hesitant to try these things (and you definitely don’t want to do them without your partner giving you that okay) but as soon as you actually do it and your BF/GF realize how fun it is, you’ll have a brand new form of foreplay/sex. Are you down? Check out these things you should do with your tongue while having sex. Yes, I know it sounds weird. Just go with it.

Go For The Ear

This is sort of a hit or a miss, since licking someone's ear can either be ~hot~ or give them awful flashbacks of getting wet willies as a child (yikes). Just ease your way up there and see if they are into it, or you can always just ask them "hey, can I lick your ear?" It's good to be blunt sometimes!

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Lick Their Hips

If you're having sex with a dude, their hips are supposedly super sensitive. If you're up for it, try using your tongue down there. It will probably be very impossible to do while actually having sex, unless you're eleastigirl, but try it during foreplay to set the mood.

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Use Your Tongue On Their Fingers

Some people go crazy when having their fingers licked. It's not a super sensitive area, but it's an easy thing to try out when you're getting it on. Just try to make sure their fingers are clean, though. You don't want to get sick after sex, it's just not fun.

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Lick Your Lips

If you don't want to lick them, lick yourself! Sorry, that sounds weird, but try licking your lips or your own finger to get your partner turned on. It might work, depending on what they're into!

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Lick Their Chest

Your partner's chest/nipple area is a huge sensitive spot, which makes it also a good spot to use your tongue. Try licking them up the center of their chest, then see if they're into it. If they are, go for the nipples! Why not! You do you!

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Makeout With Tongue

Making out with tongue mostly never fails. Lots of people are into it, and it's a fun way to switch it up when you're having sex. If you don't really know what to do (very valid) do the old "spell out the alphabet with your tongue" trick.

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Give A Blow Job

Of course, oral sex is always a good way to go, and you can go down on your partner for some extra fun. If you REALLY want to switch it up, you can try some flavored lube! Just try to keep that away from your vagina, since the sugar isn't good for your parts.

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What do you think of these tongue tips? Tell us in the comments!

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