7 Things You Thought You Only Did On Your Period

I could try to highlight some of the positive parts of periods, but I’m going to come right out and say it: Periods can be the worst. They can leave us feeling bloated, achy, sore, tender, and basically like we’re going to run down the street screaming at anyone who dares to get in our way. Just because. Our first period is usually enough to make us realize that we have to come up with some tips and tricks to help us deal with the crimson tide.

You might swear by Midol, your trusty hot water bottle, some natural solution, or all of the chocolate. Chances are you’ve probably come up with your own set of hacks to get you through long, bloody days. They might not be as Pinterest-worthy as some of the ones you also use. TBH, some of them might seem a bit odd to those not in the know (ahem, boys), but they work. And you know what? You’re probably not the only one doing them. Here are seven things that you thought you only did on your period.

You Use A Pad And A Tampon

There's no such thing as having too much protection right? When you're concerned whether that tampon will really hold up to that heavy flow, a tampon plus a pad provide a little extra reassurance. Anything that will save us from having to remove period stains from our underwear, right?

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You Shove A Big Ball Of Toilet Back In The Back

Not a fan of the double pad method? Then perhaps you prefer to shove a wad of toilet paper in the back of your underwear. Because, you rather deal with a random ball back there than have a period stain show through your jeans.

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You Wear Two Pairs Of Underwear

Because sometimes the elastic on one pair of underwear doesn't seem to be able to keep that pad properly in place. Plus, it's another layer that period blood would have to soak through before it leaves a stain on your pants. #DoubleProtection

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You Wrap Toilet Paper Around Your Underwear

Pad looking a little full but you don't have a spare or a tampon? Some toilet paper will see you through. And if you're wearing a tampon but you're concerned about spotting, a bit of toilet paper wrapped around your underwear can do the trick. At least you don't have to worry about it falling out. You made that mistake once with tissues...

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You Double Pad It

Ahhhh, the issue why some of us hate pads. They might seem long and thick, but they never are long enough. A bit of shifting is all we need to expose a thin piece of unprotected underwear to a blood leak. The solution? Put a pad in the usual spot and put one in the back. It's the sleep hack that some of us swear by when all of that shifting can result in a disastrous morning of stained sheets.

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You Try To Avoid Sitting On Anything Cloth

Period blood soaking through pants is bad, but period blood soaking through pants onto furniture is worse. Therefore, you will try to avoid sitting on anything that isn't dark, plastic, or wood. You will sit on your feet, stand awkwardly, take your sweater off and sit on it, or you'll sit on a decorative pillow. At least you can spin that around if blood gets on one side.

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You Look At Your Butt In Every Mirror

If there is a mirror, you're going to be checking your butt out in it. And you're going to be doing a thorough job to make sure there are no pesky leaks between your legs. You're a pro at the move so most people never even notice you're doing it. Similarly, you're a pro at finding reflective surfaces to check out your booty. Shiny car? Yup. Your friend's hand mirror? Been there, done that. The windows at school when the light hits them just right? You bet.

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What other weird things do you do on your period? Let us know in the comments!

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