7 Things Girls Don’t Think Guys Notice That They Pay Attention To

I know that, as women, we like to think we know everything about guys. They can be predictable and annoying (sorry), but we still love them (sometimes). But, it’s very possible that we, as women, underestimate men. Not in a huge way, but honestly, they might pay more attention to us than we think. As someone who has known many men in her life, I never really thought they cared about little things like posture and how we talk to our friends, but according to Reddit, they actually might.

In a recent Reddit thread, the following question was asked: “Men of Reddit, what is something you notice about women that they think you don’t notice?” I didn’t really expect it to be anything I didn’t know, but the answers were pretty interesting. It’s not that us women are predictable, but maybe we aren’t as ~mysterious~ as we think we are, and maybe men DO notice the things we don’t think they do. Maybe we should be giving guys more credit, at least in SOME places. If you are curious about what guys actually do notice, take a look at what these users said. 

How Girls Look At Each Other

You know how you think that guys are the ones checking out other girls? Actually, a lot of girls do this too. Chinmaks5 said, "How they look at hot girls more than guys do. Walked through a mall with a hot girl and everyone looked, men and women. (was kind of uncomfortable.) Guys took a glance, women just looked, sometimes with a leer. Never noticed it before, now I can't not see it."

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How Girls Communicate

TBH, this is pretty accurate. Girls tend to have their own form of communication, and guys might be catching on. Pito_flacki said, "The silent conversations a group of girls will have while they're with a group of guys. It's all in the eyes. Any miscommunication warrants a text to the girl sitting across from her. Any conversations that need to be had about the dudes but not in front of them is taken to the bathroom."  The good news is that they still have NO idea what we are thinking!

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How Girls Smell

Okay, I really didn't think guys notice what perfume girls wear, but maybe they do? According to falstaffsmind, guys notice "How girls smell. What perfume they wear or shampoo, that sort of thing." Sure, they probably can't tell your perfume from your shampoo, but it's the thought that counts.

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When Girls Are Upset

I don't totally agree with this one, since a LOT of the guys I know are clueless AF when it comes to a girl being upset. But Shapedlikeapotato said, "When something is on their mind. As much as you think you can hide it.... I know there's something." They might know that there is something, but they probably don't know what that something is.

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The Way Girls Present Themselves

Hm, I've never thought about this one, but I guess it makes sense. Guys can tell a lot about a girl based on how they "carry" themself. As Internetkidsaremean said, "Everything about how a woman carries herself starts with / around the shoulders. The way her hair rests, the way she uses her shoulders to shield her face when she's embarrassed or flirting, and everything else. God dammit, women are beautiful." True! They are!

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When Girls Are Passionate

Honestly, guys like when you are passionate about things. As pm_me_ass_smiles said, "I absolutely love a women who geeks out about a passion. I don't care what the hobby is, if you catch yourself accidentally starting a 'rant' about it and then catch yourself, don't be self-conscious."

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How Scary Being A Girl Can Be

We've ALL experienced this - having to choose what guys look "safe" to sit next to. Pupppyyyyy said, "I've been riding the bus every day to work for a couple years now. I'm now an expert at telling when a woman walks onto the bus and does the math and realizes they have to sit next to one of a handful of sketchy dudes." Of course, guys will never know what it's like to be freaked out or super cautious about where we sit, but still, it's nice that they can sort of sympathize.  

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What do you think of what these guys said? Tell us in the comments!

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