15 Of The Weirdest Sexts From Tumblr You Need To See

Sexting is something that I thought would be a “trend” that would go away by 2017, but, alas, it’s still a thing that people do. Of course, I don’t want to shame anyone for sexting, since you should do what makes you happy! But the way some people sext is… weird. Not necessarily bad weird, but just strange. And, for some reason, people love to post their weird sexting habits to Tumblr, which is embarrassing for them, but also pretty entertaining, IMO.

Sexting is usually funny, since you have to act “sexual” with someone who is probably far away, and you have to describe how ~turned on~ you are, which can be hard, especially when you’re not super confident in your sexting skills. I mean, how do you say, “I wanna get it on” over text without sounding like a weird adult trying to learn how to text? And most of the time, these sexts can cause hilarious and weird responses that you can’t help but laugh at. So, if you’re looking to get some advice on how NOT to sext, take a look at the weirdest Tumblr sexts ever:

1. Hm….not quite:



2. Yikes:



3. LOL YIKES x2:



4. “Hagrid” is offensive tbh:



5. Delete this, please:



6. True:



7. Uh, I don’t even know what to say here:



8. To be fair, lasagna is good:



9.This was…bold:



10. UH…ow:



11. This is me:



12. These, uh, nudes:



13. Sure!:



14. For the emo kids:



15. How can we forget this classic:


Would you ever send these sexts? Tell us in the comments!

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