15 DIY Halloween Costumes Based On Scary Movies

I have to be honest here – I love scary movies. I didn’t for a long time (most of my childhood, actually) but now, I love them. Maybe it’s because real life is so scary right now that watching scary movies is the only thing that puts it into perspective. I don’t know, guys, but nothing gets me quite as excited as when I get to watch a spooky movie. And there is nothing that I love more than getting to watch a scary movie around this time of year – the time of Halloween (and candy). So, what happens when you put these two things together?! Scary movie Halloween costumes, of course.

I know that you can be anyone or ~anything~ on Halloween, but I think that being something spooky is your best bet. After all, Halloween is supposed to be about scaring people, right? JK, I know it’s really about candy. But – if you really want to freak people out with your costumes, try being a classic character from a super scary movie.  They are iconic and recognizable, so everyone will automatically know who you are, and they are SUPER easy to DIY. So, if you want some scary movie inspo, check out these 15 DIY Halloween costumes from scary movies.

Pennywise The Clown From It

I mean, this is a classic costume that is particularly relevant right now, since the new It movie just came out. This is based off of the '90s version of Pennywise, but any type of creepy clown will work. Just carry around some balloons and you're good!


Jigsaw From Saw

Jigsaw, from Saw, is, admittedly very scary. He looks so creepy with his little eyes and red things on his face. But, he makes for a good costume. Add a blazer and a tricycle to complete the ~look~.


The Babadook from The Babadook

Alright, this guys has been around for a few years, but he made a comeback this year with the whole "gay icon" thing. He's also a pretty easy costume. Wear all black and throw on a top hat, and you're good to go.


Carrie From Carrie

Carrie is an iconic halloween costume, and she's also SUPER easy. Get any old dress and splatter fake blood on it and you're instantly the creepy prom queen. Throw on a tiara and hold some flowers if you want to go the extra mile.


The Twins From The Shining

If you want to do a BFF costume this year, try being the spooky twins from The Shining. Wear a blue dress and cover it with blood for an easy DIY look.


Wendy From The Shining

TBH, this is a LOOK. A flannel, baseball bat, and some overalls will make a perfect Wendy look. Bonus points if you can add a freaked out expression and a Jack for a complete look.


The Girl From The Grudge

This is also a classic halloween costume. Wear a white dress, add a ton of eyeliner, make a creepy groaning noise and you're all set.


Annabelle from Annabelle

You will need some makeup skills for this one, but it's a pretty spooky costume idea that's perfect for scary movie lovers. Add a creepy white dress and some pigtail braids for a realistic version of this super creepy doll.


Coraline's Other Mother From Coraline

Sure, Coraline isn't a scary movie (it is super creepy though), but her "other mother" is spooky AF. I mean, button eyes that stare into your soul?! A perfect costume. If you want to make it a BFF costumes, have a friend be Coraline.


Samara From The Ring

This is another classic costume, and it's also easy AF. It's pretty similar to The Grudge costume, since I guess any girl with long black hair is creepy enough. All you need is a white dress and a long black wig to cover your face. You're good to go!


The Woman In Black

Wear all black (duh) and add a veil for a simple but spooky Lady in Black look. If you want to go all out, make your face super pale and add some dark eyeliner. Try not to haunt anyone, though.


Casey From Scream

You could do a classic "scream mask" costume here, or you could go for Drew Barrymore's iconic screaming character instead. You'll need a short blonde wig and a phone, and if you can, try to have someone go as the murderer. It's a pretty cool idea.


Esther From Orphan

Orphan was a super creepy movie about an evil orphan with iconic pigtails and a choker. It's a pretty simple look to recreate! I won't spoil the movie for you since it's a twist ending, but it's a must-watch.


The Birds Costume

You know that classic bird-attacking scene? You can make this into a unique costume by attaching tiny fake birds to your outfit, along with fake blood. Nice.


Regan From The Exorcist

This is another look that's all about the makeup. The girl from the exorcist literally has a demon inside her, so to create this look you'll need to look a little...dead. And maybe vomit all over yourself.


Are you going to try any of these costumes? Tell us in the comments!

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