The 7 Worst Types Of Guys You’ll Meet (And Possibly Date) In High School

When it comes to high school, your choices in men are slim. Sure, your school technically has over 1,000 students in attendance, but do you know how many of those dudes are actually viable dating options? Something like three percent, I would say. Out of those three percent, you’re going to discover that even though you may find some of those guys hot, funny, smart, etc. – none of them are actually worth seriously dating.

The key word there? “Seriously.” Every girl needs a few practice swings before they march up to home plate and start hacking away with reckless abandon, which means that even though you THINK you may have found “The One,” he’s more likely “One of Many.” Take it from us: high school is the time to start figuring out how to function in a relationship, not the time to find your soulmate. Because no matter how hard you may be crushing on him, in the end it probably won’t work out – but you’ll walk away smarter and more relationship-savvy than ever. Here are a few of the worst types of guys you’ll meet, crush on, and possibly date in high school:

Which one of these guys have you crushed on? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments.


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