16 Inappropriate Jokes About Pennywise The Clown That Will Make You Want To Cry

Last weekend, the movie It–an adaptation of the 1986 Stephen King novel of the same title–opened in movie theaters around the world. But, of course, you probably already know this. It did very well, as far as this sort of thing goes, making over $200 million worldwide in its opening weekend and earning the title of the biggest September Monday gross in movie history. Also, did you hear that Pennywise–you know, the horrifying, murderous demon clown from the movie–is a sex symbol now?
Let me back up. I did not see It, so I cannot give an educated statement as to whether or not It deserves all of the money and praise it is receiving, or if Pennywise the clown is, in fact, sexy. But I am a person with a computer, smartphone, and working internet connection, so I know exactly two things about It:

1) James Charles (beauty vlogger, Ebola alarmist) did not like it very much.

2) It’s not all hype! People really do want to have sex with Pennywise, the clown, from the horror movie It. I know this because, just this very day, I chanced upon a Tumblr account with this URL: pennywise

Horrible! Of course, clowns have always had a rich part in the sexual tapestry of America, so nothing about this is particularly shocking. Why, just last year, there were rogue, non-sexy clowns terrorizing college campuses around country, so, in a way, this is progress. And who am I to kink shame? Anyway, you should check out these inappropriate jokes about Pennywise the clown. You’ll probably regret it! But life is meaningless without a little thrill, is it not? See ’em all here:

1. I should mention that Pennywise is played by an actor named Bill Skarsgard, an objectively attractive human man who happens to be but one of many hot Skarsgards:


2. So, for many people, the crush stops there:


3. But, for others, it goes far beyond that:



4. Nothing is sacred:



5. And nothing, it seems, is safe:

6. Not even the OG Pennywise:


7. Welp:


8. WELP:


9. No:


10. Don’t do it!!!


11. Why is this…happening?



12. The good news is that Pennywise has found love in the arms of a gay icon, the Babadook:





14. Do NOT let Pennywise see this!!!


15. Me:


16. Find the lie!!!!


How do these jokes make you feel? How do YOU feel about Pennywise the clown? Let us know in the comments!

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