7 Signs Your BFF Is Ruining Your Relationship

Friends are super important. Partners and significant others are ALSO very important. So, if you have both, it can get…tricky. Yes, you want to give both of them attention and affection, but what if you can’t find a balance and end up ruining your romantic relationship? Honestly, I’ve been there. It’s a lot harder than you think to have a BFF and a BF. They are two different sets of relationships that are both vital. Sometimes, your BFF might even be ruining your relationship without you even knowing it. Yikes.

It’s not that they mean to (or maybe they do!) but best friends can demand a lot of attention, which can put a strain on your romantic relationship. There are some warning signs that your friend might actually be ruining your relationship. It sucks, but it’s important to realize it so that you can take the necessary steps to talk to your friend and work things out and make sure that your relationship is safe. So, if your friends do any of the following things,  they might be sabotaging your relationship.

They Get Mad At You For Hanging With Your SO

If you're always ditching your BFF to hang with your BF/GF, then it's understandable for them to get mad. If they get mad at you for seeing your bae once a week, then they are being ridiculous. Balancing relationships and friendships is hard, but your friend should do their best to understand that you are trying! Just because you are hanging with your partner does not mean you hate your friend. You might need to tell them that!

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They Tag Along To Everything

On the flip side, if they always invite themselves on your date with your bae, they could also be ruining your relationship. Yes, it's important for group hangs and that your partner and friend get to know each other, but it's also important for you to spend time with your SO on your own. If your friend is always tagging along, you won't really get to know your partner.

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They Don't Like Your SO

If your BFF is always talking about how they don't like your bae, it can cause a strain in both your friendship and relationship. They don't have to like your relationship, but if they are always talking sh*t about your bae, it can be an issue. Not only can it ruin your friendship, but it can also make your partner uncomfortable.

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They Encourage You To Flirt

I once had a friend who was a HUGE flirt and would always want me to come out with her, even when I had a boyfriend. Sure, it's okay to flirt when you are in a relationship, but if your friend is always encouraging it, it can totally sabotage you and your bae.

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They Always Need Your Attention

If your friend ALWAYS needs your attention, then you might end up neglecting your bae, even if it's not on purpose. Like I said before - relationships are about balance, and if you have to drop everything you're doing (like hanging with your partner) to help your friend, it's not very fair, and can really ruin your relationship.

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They Don't Have Any Other Friends

If your BFF doesn't have any other friends, they might rely on you too much, which can take your attention away from your relationship. It's important to have a BFF, but it's also important for them to have other friends. Try encouraging them to go out and meet new people.

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They Don't Listen When You Want To Talk About Them

I know that relationships can be hard, and sometimes you really need to vent! But if your friend won't let you do that, it's just not fair. If you always try to bring up relationship issues and your friend shuts you down, not only are they being a bad friend, but they also won't help you out with any relationship issues, which can harm your relationship.

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Is your BFF ruining your relationship? Tell us in the comments!

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