18 Unique DIY Couples Costumes Based On Your Favorite TV Show Characters

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time of year where you get to pick out the perfect Halloween costume. Okay, maybe it’s actually the most stressful time of year. In this age of Pinterest creativity, picking a unique costume can be super difficult! It always seems like the best ones have already been done a million times over. This is especially true for couples costumes – there aren’t as many to choose from as single costumes, and the most popular ones are, obviously, a little overdone. Start taking inspiration from some of your favorite TV show characters, and you and your boo can dress up together.

Couples costumes can be a little corny, but it’s fine – sometimes it’s more fun to be part of a costume than to just dress up on your own. Plus, when it comes to television inspired couples costumes, there are some pretty great options, and dressing as just one part of a duo can feel a little too incomplete. Whether you want to get into some nostalgia and dress as a childhood favorite, or do something trendy and new, there are some seriously great ideas out there. Need help finding the perfect look for you and your bae? Here are a few unique DIY couples costume ideas:

Which one of these TV show couples costumes is your favorite? What do you want to dress as for Halloween? Share in the comments.

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