7 Signs That Your Crush Is Going To Disappoint You

Having a crush is the best. Like, this crush of yours might not turn into a true blue relationship or anything, but just having someone to swoon over can be so exciting. Every day when you see them at school or at work (or wherever you know your crush from), it’s like another adventure centered around them and only them. Do you try to talk to them today? Do you just admire them from afar like the lovesick weirdo that you are? Do you try to find ways to conveniently bump into them? There are songs that remind you of them that you listen to just for the purpose of feeling giddy. And do we need to even get into social media? I know you’re trolling their Instagram, trying not to accidentally like that cute photo of them from 67 weeks ago. It’s all maddening, but so fun, especially if your friends are in on this little infatuation of yours.

Until…it’s not fun anymore.

Hey, all crushes come to an end sooner or later. But the slow fade away from obsession is preferred to a jarring realization that your crush either isn’t the person you thought they were, or their chances with you suddenly reach absolute zero. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out these seven signs that your crush is going to disappoint you. We hope it doesn’t end this way, but hey…keep your head up.

Their Politics Are (Surprisingly) Trash

When I was watching American Horror Story: Cult, any attraction I had to Evan Peters pretty much went out the window when I realized he was portraying an alt-right Donald Trump supporter type dude. Yeah, uh, it's a no for me. But honestly, prepare for disappointment if your crush has some political beliefs you don't jive with. A cute face and a good sense of humor can't make up for some nasty views about how the world should work. If you're not really political, maybe this won't bother you too much. But just remember, politics isn't just about who you vote for. Everything is political, so be wary.

American Horror Story: Cult

They're Really Shallow When Discussing Other People

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of being around people who bring out the best in you. I discovered that people who enjoy mocking other people--especially people they consider below them--don't bring out the best in me. They won't bring out the best in you either. Look, we all talk about people's backs from time to time, and sometimes people are just really awful and might deserve to be talked about in a not-so-pleasant way. But someone who is full of a lot of negative energy and only seems to have fun when they're bringing someone else down? Yeah, that's a disappointment waiting to happen.

My Mad Fat Diary

They Act Too Chill Around You

Unfortunately, it's very cool to act super disaffected by anything and everything, being feelings and emotions and all that gross stuff shows too much vulnerability...or whatever. Look, you might think that your crush is alluring AF, maybe especially because they seem to give off an IDGAF vibe about everything, but this isn't someone you really want to persue. This is especially true if your relationship with them can be described as hot and cold: Sometimes when you two talk, it's really friendly and leaves you feeling hopeful. Other times, your crush acts like they're too cool to even acknowledge you or laugh at your jokes. Keep it moving, sis. They're not worth the mind games.

That '70s Show

They Talk S**t About Their Ex

This is a red flag for anyone, whether it's a crush or someone you're actively dating. Someone who always talks s**t about their ex is either still kind of hung up on them or--especially if they're a guy--has some unpleasant opinions about women in general.

"LOL, my ex is such a bitch." "You're nothing like my ex, ugh she was the worst." "My ex is so crazy, I swear."

Don't bother, girl. Rest assured, if you two try to get together and it doesn't work out...you'll be his next crazy, bitchy ex GF.

A Different World

They Act Really Different Around Different People

You don't know who you're going to get. They act one way around you. Another way around your friends. Another way around their friends. I mean, who is this crush of yours and why can't they be consistent? Not knowing what you're going to get is a big turn off in the long run.


They Party A Little Too Hard For Your Liking

Maybe it seems harmless and even a little endearing at first; party animals can be fun. But that'll wear off pretty quickly, especially if you two start to get close. Once you witness them getting up to some serious depraved antics one too many times, you'll just end up feeling sad and a little icked out by them.

The O.C.

They Have A Super Nihilistic Approach To Love

Don't assume that someone with a super negative opinion on love and romance is actually super deep and perceptive. Maybe they've had bad experiences in the past and that colors their view a bit, but listen...someone who goes on and on about how love is a sham is going to get really old really fast. They're not deep, they're just miserable. You'll feel compelled, perhaps, to save them from their negative view of romance; maybe this will make them even more alluring. But this is just a recipe for disaster. Plus, a lot of people who do this really just use their stunted views on love and romance as an excuse to be a-holes in relationships. Avoid.

Some Girls

Did you have a crush on someone who ended up being the worst? Tell us in the comments!

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