16 Tiny Tattoos That Will Make You Look Cool

Odds are good that you’re already VERY cool, of course, but sometimes, adding art on your body can give yourself an extra bit of coolness. Obviously, you don’t need tattoos to be a cool girl, but there’s no denying that they are just cool on their own (for the most part). Expressing yourself is the ultimate cool girl move, and ~customizing~ your body with meaningful tattoos can be a form of expressing yourself in a creative way. Sure, you don’t want to get a tattoo JUST to seem cool – it should have some sort of meaning since you’ll have it forever – but they will add to your super chill girl aesthetic.

There are, literally, millions of tattoos ideas out there, but only some of them will actually work for you. Maybe you don’t want a giant mural of your dog on your body, or a whole sleeve of different tats, and you want something tiny and cute and subtle instead. In my personal opinion, the best tattoos are the small ones, since they are like discrete little secrets that you can hide or show off, depending on your mood. Aren’t all cool girls super mysterious, after all? If you want some tattoo inspiration, take a look at these super cool tiny tattoos.  

1. A tiny triangle:

Pequena • singular ♦️ ____________________

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2. A little line that looks like a ring:

#handpoke #handpoked #tattoo #tattooed #ink #inked #tattooart #tattooartist #tinytattoo #dottattoo #finger #needle #minimalistic

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3. Some simple but pretty flowers:


? обожаю! #nastyamalinatattoo

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4. Pineapples are ALWAYS cool:


Duas modelos que eu amo e uma das tatuagens de hoje. ❤ #tatuagem #tattoo #tatouage #tinytattoo #pineapple #abacaxi? #cats #catsofinstagram

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5. Space is also super effing cool, and this planet is super trendy:


6. This cactus is tiny and discreet, but perfect for any nature lover:


7. If you’re not into cacti, how about this pretty tree?:


8. Loving to travel is super cool:


9. Bees are really cute and strong as heck, which is sort of like a metaphor for you, right?:


10. This BEAUTIFUL hibiscus flower:


11. A paper airplane tattoo is always cool, TBH:


12. This palm tree gives off the ULTIMATE cool girl vibes:


Pink tiles make for the perfect backdrop. Sporting the new ? #tinytattoo #tinytattoos #palmtree #la #lablogger #alfredtearoom

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13. Star tattoos are super trendy as well:


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14. As are hand tattoos! :


15. This cute seashell:


16. HONESTLY, succulents will be cool forever;


Healed babies ? { #cactus #tattoo #tinytattoo #cacti }

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Are you going to get any of these tattoos? Tell us in the comments!

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