7 Easy Ways To Look And Feel Put Together When You Feel Like Crap

We all have those days. The ones where we wake up and we just feel…off. Maybe we didn’t get enough sleep, maybe we’re still steaming over a fight with a friend, maybe we’re stressed about homework, maybe we can’t get over how weird last night’s episode of American Horror Story was. And maybe, just maybe, there’s no simple explanation for why we feel like a twice boiled bag of dog poop. But we do, and we wish we didn’t. And yet, we have to go to school, or work, or some get together despite feeling funky.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Look, I can’t magically make you feel better, but I can give you a few suggestions that can help turn your day around ever so slightly. After all, sometimes it’s the little things that matter; whether it’s a quick stretch or a fresh coat of mascara. Check out these seven easy ways to look and feel put together when you feel like crap. Because there’s nothing wrong with faking it till you make it, sis.

Wear A Turtleneck

This isn't just a fashion statement. Even on your worst day, there's something about a nice, fitted turtleneck that makes you feel put together and low key chic. It looks like you made an effort to get dressed even if you didn't; there's something about a turtleneck that just oozes purpose. Pair with jeans or a skirt and you're golden.


Do A Bit Of Quick Yoga

You seriously don't have to be some sort of wellness type to benefit from this. Hell, you don't even need a yoga mat. But you'll be shook by how much better your body will feel if you do a quick little yoga session. Just go on Youtube, search for a beginner's yoga video, and find one that is between 20 and 30 minutes long. Seriously, I did this the other day and was shocked by how clear headed I felt, and my body felt less tense. This is perfect if you're feeling stressed lately too.

The Craft

Brush Your Teeth

Okay, it can't just be me but whenever I brush my teeth I instantly feel better. It's like something about the combination of baking soda and minty flavoring perks me up. It also wakes me up if I'm feeling drowsy. Hopefully, you're doing this in the morning and at night anyway, but give it a try if you're feeling a little off in the middle of the day too. It could help.

Bring It On

Put On Some Lipstick Or Mascara

Sometimes you really don't feel like doing much of anything to your appearance. Maybe you're having a bad skin day, or you're not feeling great about the way your pants are fitting, or you're just too lethargic to put effort into your look. That's when a little makeup goes a long way (if you wear it, of course). No full face, I'm just talkin' your favorite lipstick or some mascara. Hell, if you prefer liner, go for that. It's quick, low effort, and will make you feel a little more cheery when you look in the mirror.


Dance A Little

Getting the blood pumping can do wonders for your mood. Put on your favorite song, play it loud, and start dancing. One song is all you need to instantly get you feeling a lot better about...life. I know, it sounds a little cheesy, but it works.

My So-Called Life

Put On A Face Mask

Sometimes, splashing some water on your face just doesn't cut it. You'd be surprised by how good a face mask can make you feel when everything else feels like icky. A moisturizing or clarifying mask will definitely do the trick; your face will feel ~purer~ and your skin will feel soft and moisturized.


Rock Shoes That Make You Feel Fancy

Ever feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear? Of course you do. We all do. When you're having one of those days where your outfit feels so effing plain and you don't know or have the energy to fix it, rock a pair of your favorite fancy or kickass shoes. Maybe they're those block heels you usually only wear on dressy occasions, or those leather platform shoes with the chunky heels. You'll feel a little more put together whenever you look down.


What do you do as an instant boost when you’re feeling crummy? Tell us in the comments!

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