9 Different Types Of Boobs You Can Have

Boobs. They’re one body part, but there are so many different versions of them. There are small ones, large ones, medium-sized ones. Then there are ones with a bit of hair, ones with hair around the nips, and ones without any fuzz. Then we get into different shapes. According to people who actually do research on these things (read: ThirdLove, a lingerie company) , there are nine different types of boobs you can have. (People used to think that there were seven, but they’ve updated the list to be more inclusive with two new options).

While you might be surprised that we have so many different types of boobs, it’s important to know is that no matter what type you have. They’re all normal. The only time you need to be concerned is if your boobs suddenly change shape, you notice something different happening with them, or there’s a change in the way they feel.

Curious to find out what type of breasts you have? I know you are. Scroll through the gallery to discover what kind of boobs–courtesy of ThirdLove–you have.


Full disclaimer: You don't need to be an athlete to have athletic boobs. They're characterized as more muscular boobs with less tissue. I know you might be confused about what exactly *muscular* and *less tissue* mean, especially as you've never had any other types of boobs, but scroll through the gallery to compare the other styles, and it should clear things up for you.

Image source: ThirdLove

Tear Drop

We all know what a tear drop shape looks like so identifying whether you have tear drop-shaped boobs should be pretty easy. They're described as breasts that are round but slightly less full at the top. Pro tip: Try looking in the mirror at different angles to decide whether your boobs are less full on top.

Image source: ThirdLove

East West

This one is more about the nipples. As you can probably guess from the name, it involves your boobs pointing out in different directions. Simple enough to identify, eh?

Image source: ThirdLove


FYI: Slender doesn't translate to small cup sizes. Slender actually means thin breasts with the nipples pointing downwards. If you find that there is a lot of space between your boobs or they don't seem to take up the full width of your chest, congratulations, you probably have slender boobs.

Image source: ThirdLove

Side Set

Fairly self-explanatory, side set breasts are ones that have a wider space between the boobs. As you can see from the drawing, they probably have all of the fullness on the sides of your body.

Image source: ThirdLove

Bell Shape

These are similar to tear drop breasts, but the difference is tear drop shades are more round. Bell shaped-boobs are slimmer up top and fuller at the bottom...just like a bell. Duh.

Image source: ThirdLove


Are you wondering how the F boobs can be relaxed? Let me fill you in: Relaxed breasts are described as those with lax tissue and feature the nipples pointing downwards. In other words, they're the opposite of those obviously fake, gravity-defying implants.

Image source: ThirdLove


Hands up if you would have previously described most boobs as round? Well, as we now know there are nine different types of boobs. If you actually have round breasts, you will find that your boobs are equally full at the bottom and the top.

Image source: ThirdLove


Are you stressing that you have one boob that is different than the other? There's no need to be worried about it because it's actually a common option. It's simply described as having one breast larger than the other.

Image source: ThirdLove

Did you realize that there were so many different types of boobs? Let us know in the comments!

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