7 Things You’re Probably Forgetting To Do When You’re Kissing

In theory, kissing isn’t that complicated of a thing. It’s definitely not as challenging as doing a fishtail braid and it’s definitely not as difficult as trigonometry. When it comes to kissing, you basically move your lips and maybe throw in a bit of tongue. Of course there is a bit of finesse to it which is why we have good kissers, bad kissers, and people who pretty much lick your face.

To ensure we don’t end up on the bad kisser side of things—or earn a reputation for kissing like a slobbery dog—we look for tips on how to be makeout masters. It’s good to expand your knowledge then *apply* what you learned.

It’s also essential that you don’t forget some key things. And I know it’s easier said than done considering the heat of the moment, the pressure to perform, and the uncertainty about whether bae is going to involve a tongue. Just do your best, relax, enjoy, and try to remember these things. Read on to see seven things you need to remember to do when kissing. Don’t forget ’em!

Remember To Breathe

Breathing is something we do innately, but it's also something we can stop doing when we're kissing. Some of us can end up holding our breath and not even realize it. Passing out because you're so in love might work in Old Hollywood movies, but it really doesn't work in real life. So, ensure that you're breathing. If you need to, literally come up for air.

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Make Sure You Keep Track Of Your Tongue

Whether your makeout session involves tongue or not, it's still important to keep that slippery sucker in check. You don't want to get so focused on your lips that you end up licking bae's chin...or stabbing your SO's tonsil with your tongue...or having your tongue go up bae's nose. A lot of things can happen, so be aware.

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Don't Forget To Swallow

Kissing can sometimes get a little wet, so you definitely don't want some excess drool involved. It's critical that you are mindful about swallowing if you have a tendency to produce excess saliva when you're nervous. And given your proximity to your crush, I'm going to assume that you are nervous at this point. Pull away to swallow if you have to; it's better for everyone.

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Keep Your Mouth Reasonably Open

Whether you're kissing chastely on the lips or french kissing, you want your mouth to be comfortably open. You don't want it closed because that is enjoyable for no one. But you also don't want it open so wide that you get jaw pain or it feels like you're about to eat your SO's face. Keep those lips parted slightly and you will be good.

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Consider Your Hands

I know, you've got a lot going on with your mouth, but hands can add a whole other dimension to the makeout session. You don't necessarily have to get grabby with bae. Simply putting your hands on your SO's neck or shoulders can up the intimacy. If you prefer to keep your hands to yourself, ensure that they're not a position that's awkward for you or bae.

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Watch Out For Hazards

Kissing has some surprising hazards and they include molars, pointy canine teeth, braces, piercings, jewelry, retainers, and lipstick, to name just a few. If you and bae are rolling or moving around, you also need to conscious of the things that are around you and on the ground. No one wants to trip or get impaled during their makeout session.

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Keep Those Teeth In Check

You will probably never be more conscious of your teeth than when you're making out with someone. All it takes is for you to bump teeth with bae or graze bae's nose with your pearly whites to realize why it's important to keep track of them. Try to keep them hidden under your lips. You don't want bae to accidentally kiss your teeth, either.

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What other things are important to remember when kissing? Let us know in the comments!

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