Quiz: Are You A Sex Expert?

If you’ve been fooling around with partners for a while, you might think that you’re a sex expert… but, uh, that might not be true. There’s a lot that goes into having sex besides just genitals mashing together. Sure, you know how to get it on and have fun, but you do know the ins and outs (no pun intended) about having sex? It’s not just about getting it on and feeling good – it’s a whole experience. It might sound boring to think about all of the details and body and health stuff, but it’s important! If you’re a true sexpert, then you know how to make things feel great for you and your partner, and also how to stay safe.


This isn’t meant to freak you out or act as a downer or anything like that, but yeah – you need to know the risks! Also, it’s kind of cool to call yourself a sex expert. It makes you sound intimidating and experienced and awesome in bed, which you probably are, honestly. But let’s make sure of that! Take this quiz to find out if you’re a sex expert, or just a sex newbie.

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