16 Just Girly Things You Might Actually Be Able To Relate To

It is no secret that, if the subject of Just Girly Things is ever featured on Gurl dot com, it is, uh, not with the purest of intent. Just Girly Things, if you are somehow unfamiliar, is the classic internet meme that involves taking a generic thing that most people would count as being objectively enjoyable — such as, I don’t know, “comfy pajama shorts” and “staying up all night to finish a good book” –and slapping a filter and some floral script on it, and designating it as a thing that only girls can enjoy.

Because of this, they are pretty easy to make fun of. In fact, at this point, chances are good that most of the Just Girly Things content you have seen on the internet hasn’t exactly been sincere. These days, most people use the template either as a way of expressing how much they aren’t like other girls.

But, you know what? I, personally, will admit to having related to some girly-themed content at some point or another, and I am willing to be that you have, too. I mean, that’s kind of their deal, after all. They are objectively relatable! So, check out these Just Girly Things that you just might be able to actually relate to:

1. Wanting gorgeous hair:


2. Cooking with bae:

Just girly things


3. Feeling AMAZING when you’re on your period:



4. Like, really. SO AMAZING:



5. Being able to measure the time since your last date simply by the hair on your legs:

6. Having to publicly flog yourself if you dare to accidentally show your bra to others:



7. Knowing that some lettuce and balsamic vinaigrette are the only two things a person needs for a great joke:

just girly things


8. Knowing when you should–and shouldn’t–smile:

9. Feeling objectively beautiful all the time:

Just girly things.


10. Knowing the inherent joy that comes with shopping for a new bathing suit:

11. Loving the art of dance:



12. Starting the hottest new club at your school:



13. Shaving your legs:

14. Being on your period:

just girly things


15. Cuddling:



16. Being a cool, fun girl!


Do you relate to any of these Just Girly Things? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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