9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Lowkey Embarrassed Of You

It’s fair to say that the lines are more blurred than ever before when it comes to relationships. You used to either be single or going steady with someone. Then we brought hooking up in the lexicon, which could either be a casual, one-time thing or a precursor to something more. Now it’s like…you could be hooking up with someone or talking to someone or maybe dating them but not really defining the relationship and becoming a true blue couple and–it’s all so exhausting. But there comes a moment when you finally do define the relationship with someone. You have that awkward talk and conclude that you are now pronounced girlfriend and boyfriend (or girlfriend and girlfriend, or partner and partner, or whatever terminology you prefer), and you have it all figured out…hopefully.

Unfortunately, next is where the trouble comes for some unlucky girls out there. You DTR, you introduce the SO (yes, this usually seems to happen more in guy/girl pairings) to your friends and family, and you’re understandably eager to get a cute selfie of the two of you on your Instagram. But on his end? It’s…as if you don’t exist. He hasn’t posted a single photo of you and you’ve barely even talked to any of his friends. If you’ve been coming up with excuses and reasonable explanations for this behavior…you might be in for a rude awakening. Check out these nine signs that your boyfriend is lowkey embarrassed of you. Whether he’s doing this because he wants to play the field or because he’s just a douchebag, who knows. But if this pans out, give him the boot. You deserve to be with someone who doesn’t mind showing you off, not keeping you locked away like a dirty little secret.

You Haven't Really Hung Out With His Friends

He's been around your friends, but you've never really hung out with his. Why? Does he think they won't like you? Does he think you're not cool enough to hang with them? Is he worried that he'll be roasted for being associated with you? I know, these are extreme thoughts, and hopefully it's not the case. Hopefully, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why you haven't chilled with his crew yet. But know this: Someone who really cares about you can't wait to show you off to their friends.

Freaks and Geeks

When You Approach Him IRL, He Acts Weird And Distant

Maybe you ran into him in the hallway while he's chillin' with his friends. He's not warm like he usually is when you two are in private. Instead, he's a little cold. He's keeping his side of he conversation curt and impersonal, his eyes are flitting all over the place and aren't focused on you, and he comes up with some excuse to leave. This isn't the kind of behavior a good boyfriend will demonstrate around his girlfriend in public, period. You deserve better.

My Mad Fat Diary

He's Cagey About Taking Selfies With You

Whenever you go for the cute couple selfie, he balks or stiffens. Look, not everyone you date will be a ham for the camera; my own boyfriend is pretty camera shy and probably wouldn't post a selfie of himself anywhere if his life depended on it. But that mean he turns me down when I ask him to get in a selfie with me, a selfie that'll either be posted somewhere on the internet or stay in my own personal collection. Why? Because he's not pressed about it, no matter how camera shy he is. If your boyfriend is avoiding taking photos with you like the plague, that's a cause for concern. He should care about you enough to participate in such a harmless act.


There's Little To No Proof That His Family Even Knows You Exist

Listen, introducing your family to your partner is kind of a big deal, so don't expect this to happen super early on in a relationship. But if it's been months and he's already met your family or your family asks about him on the regular, but you've never met his, that's a little sus. It's especially sus if he seems to have no interest in letting that meeting take place.

That '70s Show

He Never Really Takes You Out

The word "date" just isn't really in his vocabulary. He'd rather just hook up in the car or hang out at one of your houses. When you two do go out, he's noticeably uncomfortable and looks like he'd rather not be somewhere public. Why doesn't he want to be seen out and about with you, sis? A guy should be lucky to have you by his side, so what gives?


He's Never Once Posted A Photo Of You On Social Media

Some people just aren't really invested in social media like that, and that's fine. But if you two have been dating for a while and not a single photo of you, or the two of you, have shown up on his social media page? You wouldn't be wrong to side eye the hell out of that.

Black Mirror

He's Encouraged You To Keep Your Relationship On The DL For The Time Being

Maybe he said it in a nice way, but there's nothing nice about being told to keep a relationship a secret. It's one thing if your relationship could actually trigger a dangerous reaction--like if you were a gay couple or something--but if you're not...there's no good reason for that. The only reason someone would want to keep a relationship on the DL is if they're trying to hide something from you or they're ashamed of your relationship in some way. Don't let someone treat you like that, dude.

My So-Called Life

He Insists You're Overreacting Whenever You Address Your Concerns

You feel like you're being hidden, like you're being stashed away. He's displayed all the signs of it, and yet, when you confront him, he insists you're being crazy. You're blowing things out of proportion. You're imagining everything. Dude is gaslighting you, trying to convince you that you're going a little nutty when you're not. Don't fall for it; something is up, and you don't deserve to feel like someone's dirty little secret.


Whenever You Confront Him, He Claims He Just Values His Privacy

Like I said, privacy--especially in the age of social media--is super important. It's understandable why so many people value it. But don't let your partner get away with the "privacy" excuse when it comes to making your relationship public if your boyfriend is otherwise pretty candid about everything else. Like, I'm sorry, but if your boyfriend can post a photo of him and his buddies chillin' on the gram, he shouldn't be too private to post a simple selfie of the two of you.


Has someone ever done this to you? What did you do when you realize what was happening? Tell us in the comments!

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