7 Easy Sex Techniques To Try Before You Die

I know we give you SO many sex positions here at Gurl, but that’s because 1) we love to talk about sex and 2) we love helping you get it on. But there are certain sex “tricks” that don’t really count as positions, although they are just as important, if not more so. These techniques are little things that can drastically change your sex life for the better. Sure, they might seem small, but they can really amp up your sex session, which is perfect if you’re starting to feel like you’re in a sex rut. It’s okay, it happens.

Some of these techniques aren’t for everyone, but it’s good to have some options. Sure, your basic foreplay to sex to cuddling system might work for you, but there might also come a day when you get bored by it. You might be bored by it now, and that’s okay! There are always little things you can do to switch it up and make sex better. Here are some super easy tricks and techniques to try next time you’re getting it on in order to make sex even BETTER. Have fun!

Take A Shower Together, With The Lights Off

You've probably tried showering with your bae, but have you ever done it with the lights off? It's a whole different experience. Try getting it on in the shower, but then turn the lights off for a different feeling. Just be careful not to slip!

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Use Ice Cubes

I know that it's almost fall, so it's going to get chilly soon, but it always gets ~steamy~ when you are getting it on. A strange but popular trick is to use ice cubes when you're having sex. It will give you "chills" that can make your sexual experience that much better. Use them to tease your partner and put them in their nipples or other sensitive areas.

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Use Toys

You've probably thought a lot about sex toys, but why don't you  try them out? They are a good way to have fun and experience something new, all while feeling good. There are so many different things to try - dildos, vibrators, even a strap on. The options are endless! Talk to your partner and see what you would be comfortable with.

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Try Handcuffs

If you want to go Fifty Shades Of Grey in the bedroom, try being tied up, or tie up your partner. You want to make sure to talk it out before you do it since it can be a very vulnerable and new experience, but you might like it!

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Do It In The Car

Car sex is pretty wild. It's sort of in public, but sort of not. You can be as loud as you want, but you also have to be a little sneaky. It's not for everyone, but if you want a new way to get it on, try it out! If you need some help, check out some car sex positions here.

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Watch Porn Together

Porn isn't for everyone, but, hey, it might be a good idea to try. Some couples/partners actually like to watch porn together. It could be worth a shot to try it out!

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Find Your G-Spot

This is something that every person with a vagina should do - spend time finding their g-spot. I know sex is about you and your partner, but you should both dedicate some time to find your g-spot together. Try out certain positions that will help you and your partner find your g-spot. It's really worth it!

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Which of these things have you done? Tell us in the comments!

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