10 Things You Can Do On Sundays To Have A More Productive Week

Sundays are a weird day. It’s still the weekend, technically, so you still get to enjoy your free time and relax. Unfortunately, it’s the end of the weekend, so you still have to think about schoolwork that needs to be finished and go to sleep early so that you can get through the week. And for a lot of people, the way you spend your Sunday can be a good indication of the way you spend the rest of your week – which is exactly why it’s important to have a Sunday routine that sets you up for success.

For me, Sundays are super important. If I don’t have a productive Sunday, I feel thrown off all week long. Every Sunday, I do a little cleaning, some errands, and I meal prep and get my food ready for the week. After that, I watch TV and do absolutely nothing for some zen time. If I can’t do all of this stuff, I go into the week feeling lost and confused. If I do get to do this stuff, I feel more organized and put together for the next few days, which is incredibly helpful.

Sundays should be a day of rest and relaxing, but it should also be a day where you prepare for the rest of the week (which might be the same thing!) so that you start off on the right foot. A recent Ask Reddit thread asked users what they do every Sunday to prepare for the week ahead, and the answers were pretty helpful. If you don’t already have a Sunday routine, now is your chance to start one!

Clean Everything

For many people, starting out the week by being clean is soothing. Sundays are a great day to get some chores done, like cleaning your room or helping with the dishes. It's easier to get through a busy week when you're coming home to a neat room! User Notthatgreatdane says, “I do all the chores that I've been avoiding all week and then go to bed way too late and hate myself a little bit.” I mean, try to avoid the late bedtime, but you get the point.

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Pick Out Outfits For The Week

Picking out something to wear every morning can be time consuming, especially if you're super picky about your wardrobe. So, user Maxwyfe says that on Sundays they, “Select all my outfits for the next week.” It's not a bad idea! Picking out your outfits for the next few days eliminates one extra step every morning and can make your mornings less hectic - or even let you sleep in a little bit longer.

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Cook A Big Lunch To Have All Week

If you bring your own lunch to school or work, you should definitely prepare it beforehand. User PandorasTrunk says, “I cook a big batch of something so that I have lunch for the week.” I do this every Sunday. I make a big salad or soup, and I use it for lunch all week. It makes my life so much easier! I just have to grab it in the morning and go. Oh, and if you don't make lunch, you should start. It's healthier, cheaper, and more delicious.

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Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Honestly, you probably aren't cleaning your makeup brushes enough. Give yourself a day (Sunday) to getting them clean. User alien4hire says on Sundays they, “Clean my makeup brushes.” Not a bad idea!

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Make A To-Do List For The Week

If your goal is to be productive, then use Sundays to get on top of everything. User bourbon_decay says on Sundays they, “Make a to do list for the upcoming week.” Make a huge to-do- list and keep it close by to stay on top of your stuff all week.

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Meal Prep Everything

Prepping your lunch is great, but meal prepping almost everything is even better. User RainingRabbits says, “Meal prep. I cook massive batches of food that I reheat for dinner all week. Plus, it means I get the bulk discount, since there's no way I could get it otherwise when cooking for one.” If you do all of your own cooking, this is a great way to ensure you'll eat well all week without a lot of hassle.

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Get Your Nails Done

User condescendingcupcake says, “nails! they make me look like i have my life together." I agree! I try to get a manicure every Sunday, and going into the week with nice nails always makes me feel a little bit fancier.

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Pamper Yourself

If you want to try some new beauty treatments, Sunday is the day to do it. User HannahBanannah says, “I sit down and relax by shaving everything right before a nice shower. Feels good to go to bed freshly groomed and smelling clean.” It's nice to start the week with a really great beauty routine.

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Write Down The Important Stuff For The Week

If you have a lot going on, you don't want to forget any of it. Use Sunday as the day you write everything down. User yuzuuno says, “Get all my tears out so I won't have any left to cry during the weekdays. Nah, I'm just kidding. Maybe I'll do laundry, but it's mostly me making a list throughout the day of the important things that are coming up in the week and hope I don't forget that list.”

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Getting ready for the week is important, but so is giving yourself time to rest. User Redhaired103 says, “Sunday is my relaxation day. I do the chores and other stuff on other days. Sunday I just bake, read a book, watch some fun stuff, maybe use a face mask, don't watch/read the news.” There's nothing wrong with doing nothing on a Sunday if it gives you good vibes to get through the week.

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What’s your Sunday routine? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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