7 Things You Need To Know About Inverted Nipples

We spend a lot of time worrying about the state of down there and whether our vaginas are normal. When we’re not thinking about our vags, we’re probably thinking about our boobs. The size of them, the shape of them, the feel of them, the hairs (or lack thereof) on them, and the color of them are all things we consider. And that will eventually lead to the nipple dissection.

Our nipples are a very small part of our body, yet we spend a lot of time examining them. Think about how often you examine your arms or your legs compared to your nips. Exactly. Some of us wonder about the bumps on our nipples while others are confused about their inverted nipples.

We know there are different types of boobs from full ones to cones ones, A cups to D cups, but what we might not realize is that there are different types of nipples. They come in all different shapes and sizes. TBH, they’re basically like snowflakes where they’re all a little different…including the two on your bod. If you have inverted nipples, you think you might have inverted nipples, or you don’t but want to know more about them, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven things to know about inverted nipples.

They Can Switch

If you have inverted nipples, you might think that you're going to have them for life. Well, that actually isn't the case. They can change during puberty, pregnancy, and even after pregnancy. Don't be alarmed if your nipples do change, however, it's always a good idea to get it checked out by your doctor just in case it's a sign of something else.

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You Can Have One Inverted And One Not

Remember what I said about how all nipples are like snowflakes? Well, that's why you could have one innie and one outie. It doesn't necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with you. It's just the way your nipples are. The only time it should raise concern is if one of your nipples changes from an outie to an innie, or vice versa. In either case, go to a doctor. Nipple retraction or inversion can sometimes be an indication of breast cancer, especially in older woman.

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There Are Different Types Of Inverted Nipples

There are a lot of different types of nipples. And there are a few different types of inverted nipples. They're usually graded by how inverted they are and they include nipples that protract when pressure is applied, those that don't, and those that protract with some pressure and *stay out* for a bit.

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There Are Techniques To Help Them 'Pop' Out

Surgery can change the look of inverted nipples, but there are other methods that claim to help *transition* inverted nipples from innies to outies. There are devices which often include some sort of suction technique and there's the Hoffman technique which basically involves massage to *gently* try to encourage your nipples out with continued rubbing. Apparently some sucking courtesy of bae can also encourage those nips to come out.

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They Are Still Sensitive

Just because those with inverted nipples don't have that extra nub for fingers to stimulate doesn't mean that their nipples aren't sensitive. Find out for yourself by tweaking your nips or getting bae to do it for you. Hello. You'll see that there are plenty of nerve endings in the area and they will definitely respond to touch.

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You Can Get Surgery To Change Them

There is surgery for practically everything these days and that includes turning inverted nipples into outies. If you have inverted nipples, be aware that you definitely do not need to undergo surgery. There is nothing wrong with your nipples. They're normal just like nipples that are not inverted. The surgery is strictly a cosmetic thing just like breast enlargements. Those who do decide they want surgery to change their inverted nipples also risk scarring and even making their nips less sensitive.

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They Can Become Inverted After Giving Birth

You might think that nipples are fully protruded when someone is pregnant and preparing to nurse, but nipples can actually become inverted. In fact, about a third of moms experience some form of inversion during pregnancy and about 10 percent of them will still experience it after the baby is born. Yes, woman with inverted nipples can usually breastfeed. Sometimes they use devices or sometimes they can nurse without any contraptions. It all varies just like other mothers with outies.

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What did you know about inverted nipples? Let us know in the comments!

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