7 So-Called “Gross” Things Your Vagina Does That Are Totally Normal

One of my current goals in life is to be able to go a week without seeing something ridiculous about vaginas on the internet. We already dealt with the absurdity of vagina steaming (thanks, Goop) and the nonsense of those herbal sacks meant to purify your vag. Now, I’ve stumbled upon a coochie soap full of all-natural oils that allegedly keeps your lady parts “fresh.”

While it’s good that they warn their customers from inserting the product up their actual vaginas, it’s still a little silly because your vagina doesn’t need special products to be fresh, guys. Water goes a long way.

Anyway, the point is that there are probably people out there who will buy this product, because they know nothing about their vagina or how their vagina is meant to actually work. In school we’re taught about our vaginas in a super clinical yet limited way; babies and menstrual blood come out, penises go in (but don’t let that happen!). We’re never taught if it’s normal for our vagina to let out stuff that kind of looks like cottage cheese, or if it’s that weird to not be able to insert a tampon without wanting to die. Well, luckily, we’re here–as always–to clear up a bit of mystery. Find out these seven “gross” things your vagina does that are actually super normal.

Being Wet Down There, A Lot

Nobody ever talks about discharge, but everyone with a vagina experiences it, and sometimes we experience a lot of it. But don't panic if you constantly feel moist down there. Some folks just have more discharge than others. The only time you should be alarmed is if your discharge changes consistency, looks like cottage cheese, has a fishy smell, etc. That could be a sign of a vaginal infection, so get that checked out. Otherwise, learn to deal.

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Blood Clots Coming Out Of Your Vag During Your Period

You're using the bathroom and all of a sudden it's like this gross jelly looking substance crawls its way out of your vagina. It feels gross and looks gross as well, but this is no cause for concern. Many people who menstruate experience these clots, especially on the heaviest days of their cycle. While they might make you uncomfortable, they're harmless. You should only be concerned if you're suddenly experience heavy clotting along with an incredibly heavy flow. Talk to a doctor and make sure everything is okay.


Your Vagina Smelling Funny After Wearing Tight Clothes

I mean, you've probably gotten a wiff down there after wearing skinny jeans or leggings all day, right? I mean, it shouldn't reek or anything, but the smell is strong, right? Don't sweat it, it's just because your vag hasn't had much breathing room all day. It's a combination of sweat and run of the mill vagina funk. It's all good...just make sure you give it some air.


Getting White Stains In Your Underwear

Nobody likes to talk about this, but it happens to literally everyone with a vagina: Discharge stains. If you're not sensitive to yeast infections, you can wear panty liners to save your undies. Otherwise, just realize that it's a part of life and it usually washes away anyway.


Rusty Period Blood

You know when the heavy days of your period are over, but you have, like, days left of rusty, icky, sticky brown blood oozing from your vagina? As gross as it might look, it's just old blood that your uterus if finally expelling.

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Vagina Farts

Okay, it's not a real fart like the ones that come out of your butt, but queefs--air that is expelled from the vagina--really isn't weird at all. It might sound funny and be a little embarrassing when you're in the throes of passion, but it's nothing to be grossed out about.

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Your Clitoris Grows When You're Turned ON

Okay, this isn't so much gross as it is interesting, but yes! It's totally normal for your clit to suddenly look four times bigger when you're turned on or in the process of getting off. So don't get alarmed or think that there's a weird growth going on down there. It's just engorged with blood, just like an erect penis.

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What other things about your vagina do you think are pretty gross even if it’s normal? Tell us in the comments!

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